Comprehensive Awareness

Comprehensive Awareness

Urban issues can arise from rapid urban growth, global pandemics, natural disasters, social conflicts, and new demands. Situation awareness becomes a headache. The first step of city governance is to establish a comprehensive awareness system to collect information from all sources.

  • Hotline services as the unified entry of citizen demands.
  • Comprehensive inspection once for multiple purposes.
  • AI-powered identification that improves governance efficiency.
  • Multi-party governance by involving the public to cover the blind spots.
Collaborative Handling

Collaborative Handling

Conventional city governance features isolated data and management by department. Atop the awareness system, a unified collaboration platform is required to centrally collect, distribute, handle, and monitor issues.

  • Collection: Gather, filter, register, and track issues more efficiently.
  • Distribution: Intelligently distribute service tickets based on the accountability.
  • Handling: Coordinate departments to solve issues, especially challenging ones, faster.
  • Monitoring: Monitor how the service tickets, issues, and assigned tasks go, and analyze the efficiency.
Smart Decisions & Command

Smart Decisions & Command

The success of city governance lies not only in management philosophy and experience, but also in data and digitalization. A more objective, comprehensive city operations dashboard will be made possible with a digital data system powered by AI, which provides functions such as situation awareness, risk warning, intelligent analysis and judgment, and emergency command and dispatch.

Shared Digital Platforms

Shared Digital Platforms

Government departments at all levels are supposed to share unified platforms for video sharing, converged communications, spatiotemporal information, and AI, instead of reinventing the wheel themselves. This solution promotes intensive digitalization and application and data sharing across departments by providing common capabilities.


City governance

Unified city governance combines philosophy, technology, management, and services, realized via a governance platform that features instant, collaborative, intelligent, and preventive responses to issues.

  • Infrastructure

    Awareness: video and IoT device connection and data pooling

    Cloud-network infra: compute, storage, and security backed by government clouds.

  • Digital foundation

    Common capabilities, including the service, data, application, and technical mid-ends, as well as operations platform and data center.

  • Unified Applications

    Systems such as integrated city operations, comprehensive inspection, intelligent event discovery, efficiency evaluation, and command and dispatch, as well as scenario-specific applications.

  • Standard Frontends

    Government communications platform for government departments, city service platform for the public and enterprises, and decision-making platform for the urban operations center.

  • Full-stack Solutions

    8 scenario-specific packages: intelligent event discovery, comprehensive inspection, data services, integrated urban operations, multi-party governing, efficiency evaluation, command and dispatch, and unified issue management.


Shared resources

Integrate existing resources and build a smart city operations platform as a unified entry for resources, applications, and services.

Smart governance

The AI-powered data resource center discovers, monitors, and warns risks, and dispatches teams to handle issues, improving efficiency while reducing costs.

Unified scheduling

The top-down unified city governance system enables horizontal collaboration and vertical linkage to connect data, services, and capabilities.

Situation awareness

Big data analytics realizes more comprehensive city situation awareness, laying a solid data basis for decision-making and city management.

Success Stories

  • Zhongshan

    Scientific, refined, and intelligent city governance thanks to comprehensive situation awareness, intelligent issue analysis, regional resource coordination, and man-machine collaboration, promoting urban development, industry upgrade, and people's well-being.

  • Hunnan District, Shenyang

    Scientific, refined, and intelligent city governance thanks to comprehensive situation awareness, intelligent issue analysis, regional resource coordination, and man-machine collaboration, powered by data and unifying sensing, management, and prevention.