Industry Trends

  • Content Is King
  • A variety of premium content is produced every day, such as movies, TV shows, news, magazines, and books. Good content creates benefits such as advertising, subscription, and traffic. Therefore, how to manage and make good use of content holds a key for success.

    To appeal more subscribers, major media companies are investing intensively to create quality content for enhanced user loyalty and new profit growth. 

  • New Experience
  • Statistics show that nowadays people spend 19 hours watching videos every week, and more time in virtual and digital spaces. McKinsey predicts that video entertainment will become more immersive, gamified, and personalized.

  • Business Evolution
  • The media and entertainment industry is highly competitive, as consumers have a vast number of choices. The user and revenue growth of media companies is slowing down, and some of them even suffer from declination. As a result, major players have shifted their focus from user growth to profit making through exploring effective and efficient new business models. 


Superb User Experience

● One global media network, consisting of 2800+ nodes, covers 170+ countries and regions with bandwidth reserve greater than 100 Tbit/s. Low Latency Live (LLL) delivers a latency less than 800 ms, providing stable and smooth user experience for livestreaming, application access, and online interaction.

● Infrastructure capable of provisioning up to 3000 pods/min and highly reliable databases ensure stable business during peak hours.

Diverse Industry Practices

● Huawei Cloud serves major industry customers such as Mango TV, Douyu, BBTV, and BluTV, and has acquired abundant expertise from OTT transformation practices.

● Huawei Cloud media services, built on the cutting-edge media infrastructure and vast experience of industry partners, have applied to a wide range of new scenarios, such as high-precision virtual ambassadors, virtual hosts, livestreaming by virtual humans, 3D virtual spaces, and virtual-physical gala programs.

Efficient Content Production

● The digital content production pipeline MetaStudio provides one-stop services, including modeling, control, editing, rendering, and compositing, to enable efficient digital content creation on the cloud.

● AI rendering acceleration and device-cloud collaborative rendering improve rendering efficiency by 4x and reduce device power consumption by 30%.

Innovative Marketing Models

● Big data + intelligent search, featuring decoupled storage and compute, help you halve costs. Search results of TB-level data can be returned in milliseconds. We help you build a precise personalized intelligent recommendation system.

Success Stories

BBTV New Media

BBTV Channel 7 is the largest TV station in Thailand and has established end-to-end collaboration with Huawei Cloud in terms of cloud, terminals, partners, and marketing. Huawei Cloud services, such as Live, VOD, and CDN, help BBTV provide premium video services for more than 10 million users in Thailand, with service performance up by 20%+ and TCO down by 30%. With powerful video processing and highly reliable solutions, Huawei Cloud helps BBTV smoothly broadcast international football games. The BBTV app has registered more than one million downloads since it was released on Huawei AppGallery. Major events of Huawei such as HUAWEI CONNECT and HUAWEI CLOUD & CONNECT were also livestreamed on BBTV Channel 7.

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TOGL Yippi

TOGL Technology presents Yippi, a super social messaging app with communications, payment,

e-commerce, travel, entertainment, video calling, and fitness functions. The high-performance and full-stack elastic infrastructure and databases allow Huawei Cloud to provide low-latency, stable, and smooth VOD acceleration service. Such service helps Yippi flexibly scale out to deal with the traffic surges caused by trending events and smoothly distribute, read, write, and store massive data such as messages, images, and videos. The improved user experience translated into a 75% of user growth in nearly 10 months after Yippi deployed its workloads on Huawei Cloud. In addition, 41,000 ecosystem partners of Huawei Cloud help Yippi expand presence faster in new fields such as media, e-commerce, and metaverse.

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Mango TV

Mango TV is one of the four largest multimedia platforms in China. It stands out in the fierce market competition with its premium variety shows. In particular, the variety show Sisters Who Make Waves 2 was produced using Huawei's 4K cloud production and broadcasting system, which reduced the production costs by more than 10 times from CNY tens of millions to millions. The cloud significantly boosted the production efficiency of 4K programs, with the production of each episode completed within 12 hours. The time and costs needed by Mango TV for producing 4K UHD programs are equivalent to those for producing HD content. The significant improvement in 4K content productivity marks a huge leap for variety shows.