Application Scenarios

Deploying the SAP DR system on the cloud improves service continuity and reduces TCO.

Lower RTO and RPO

The DR system is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD. When an off-cloud production system is unavailable, services can be seamlessly switched to the DR system on the cloud, minimizing adverse impacts on services.

Reduced TCO

You can quickly deploy your DR system on HUAWEI CLOUD to avoid the costs and headaches associated with building and maintaining your data center.

Top-rated reliability and easy O&M

The System Replication function synchronizes data between on- and off-cloud systems, ensuring top levels of reliability. Professional teams at HUAWEI CLOUD provide O&M services so your personnel can focus on your core business.

Solution Architectures

Solution Advantages

  • Low Costs

    You do not need to build your own data centers, saving you big on hardware and O&M costs.

  • High Reliability

    Synchronization between data in the cloud DR system and the off-cloud data center ensures high reliability. In addition, the OBS service can store data in the DR system to improve data reliability.

  • Strong Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) of the British Standard Association (BSI).

  • Easy O&M

    Professional teams at HUAWEI CLOUD provide fast and effective O&M services ensured by verified methods and mature procedures.


You can use an existing SAP software license (BYOL).