Huawei and SAP: A Strong and Growing Partnership

In 2012 Huawei became the first Chinese global technology partner of SAP. Huawei and SAP established a strategic partnership in 2013 and set up their co-innovation center in 2015. Since then, many innovative solutions have been launched, including FusionCube for SAP HANA, FushionSphere for SAP HANA, Huawei SAP HANA Appliance, SAP HANA TDI, IoT, and more. Now, in the era of digital transformation, SAP on Cloud has been proven to be an optimal choice for SAP users to migrate their SAP workloads to the cloud.

Why 500+ Active Customers Choose SAP on Cloud

  • Large Capacity

    Accommodate an ECS with up to 4 TB of memory and an BMS with up to 16 TB of memory.

  • High Performance

    Achieve leading SAP SD Benchmark performance (SAPS value) under the same product specifications.

  • Strong Security

    Comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) of the British Standard Association (BSI).

  • High Reliability

    Improve reliability with multiple schemes ranging from local HA, to backup and restoration, as well as disaster recovery.

  • Service Orientation

    Improve the efficiency by 30% and more for service-based SAP application deployment and O&M. 

Scenario Overview

Entire SAP System on Cloud
Deploying your entire SAP system on HUAWEI CLOUD allows you to enjoy the conveniences of the cloud platform.
SAP Dev and QAS on Cloud
Production systems are deployed in local data centers while the Dev and QAS are deployed on the cloud.
SAP DR System on Cloud
The production system is deployed in your local data center while the disaster recovery system is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Solution Architectures

  • General Architecture

  • Security Architecture

General Architecture


HUAWEI CLOUD provides infrastructure management services, including O&M and monitoring of hardware, virtualization, and networks as well as automatic provisioning of laaS resources.

You can manage your own operating system along with all SAP applications and databases running on that operating system, or hire Huawei professional service partners. These partners offer end-to-end system management and O&M, including customizing, implementing, and managing services.


  • All SAP systems are deployed in the same VPC, shielding access from unauthorized users.
  • To ensure data security, you access HUAWEI CLOUD data center through a VPN.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD provisions computing and storage resources elastically and quickly.
Security Architecture


Huawei provides full-stack security services across the whole range of data, hosts, applications, networks, and everything else in the ecosystem.

With extensive expertise in SAP application scenarios (such as the production system, development and test system, Hybris system, and security O&M), professional teams in the HUAWEI CLOUD tent provide customers with customized security solutions able to cover everything in the profile.


  • In-depth border security protection
  • Overall security protection for hosts and applications
  • Comprehensive network isolation and access control
  • Professional database security

Success Stories

Success Stories

  • HUAWEI CLOUD developed a three-step cloud migration solution for Andreani, Argentina's largest logistics company. First, the e-commerce system was migrated to the cloud, and the network latency was shortened to handle peak traffic during Black Friday. Then the SAP system was migrated to the cloud to improve R&D efficiency and experience. Additionally, the warehousing DR system was migrated to the cloud. The TCO was reduced and service continuity was ensured with dual-AZ backup.
  • HUAWEI CLOUD provided certified SAP solutions and professional round-the-clock tech support services for Vanguard Myanmar, a leading business solutions and consulting services provider in Myanmar. The two companies invested in developing the SAP B1 SaaS on HANA solution to help SMEs accelerate digital transformation.
  • Ga Mone Pwint (GMP), a Burmese conglomerate, opted for HUAWEI CLOUD to support their SAP S/4HANA system. A broad set of cloud services from HUAWEI CLOUD are great for running GMP cross-industry applications. Digital transformation is moving along faster than ever.