Technical Architecture - Campus Middle Ground

The campus middle ground consists of the data and service middle ground. It prioritizes security, efficiency, and experience optimization, and seeks to reduce costs of building digital and intelligent campuses.
Solution Architectures

Campus Middle Ground Architecture

The campus middle ground consists of the data and service middle ground. The data middle ground models campus data. Data of each campus subsystem is uploaded to the cloud and stored in the theme library. The service middle ground provides general services for the campus. Used by various campus applications (including IOC), customers can quickly launch new services to improve digital, intelligent, and operational efficiency of the campus.

  1. Visualized Data

    Provides eight campus data theme libraries based on Huawei smart campus. Using big data services and tools, HUAWEI CLOUD provides integrated data processing, allowing customers to quickly manage and visualize their campus data.

  2. Standard Service

    Extracts common campus operation services according to Huawei's experiences. Various applications can directly invoke the services by calling APIs. This helps customers quickly launch new businesses and deal with common services in the same way.

  3. Open Ecosystem

    The data and service middle ground support extended publishing to meet the requirements of campuses, residential areas, industrial parks, and chain stores in unified cloud services.

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