Technical Architecture - Edge Computing

HUAWEI CLOUD edge computing provides centralized management of masses of applications on the edge. The applications on edge computing nodes in different areas can be centrally managed. This includes application deployment, configuration, version upgrade, monitoring, and O&M.
Solution Architectures

Edge Computing Architecture

Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) provides integrated edge-cloud synergy services, and enables remote control, data processing, and analytics on edge computing resources.

  1. Cloud Defines Edge Service Intelligence

    Intelligent video analysis, machine inference, and big data stream processing technologies developed for the cloud can be pushed to the edge to provide smooth real-time service capabilities.

  2. Cloud-based Centralized Management of Edge Node Applications

    IEF on the cloud can be used to centrally manage containers on hundreds of thousands of edge computing gateways, deploy functions, modify configurations, update versions, perform monitoring, and analyze operating conditions.

  3. Open and Agile Lightweight Edge Platform

    Supports container applications in the OCI and Docker image format, and easy-to-use function applications. With minimal computing resources (at least 1v CPU and 128 MB memory), you can use the applications on the edge. Edge campus devices and applications can be quickly integrated with cloud services.

  4. Secure Edge-Cloud Synergy

    Edge devices are securely connected to the cloud platform, and application data can be securely transmitted to the cloud.

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