Technical Architecture - ROMA

ROMA breaks the boundaries between platform, cloud, network, and region, providing fully-connected digital services. Moreover, it integrates solutions based on data, messages, and services, and streamlines service control, application management, tenants, and certification between HUAWEI CLOUD and private cloud or existing platforms of enterprises.
Solution Architectures

Campus Access and Cloud Centralized Operation

Multiple heterogeneous systems have been deployed on the campus network for a long time, forming multiple information silos. This makes centralizing operations on the cloud difficult.

  1. Quick Integration with Existing Interfaces

    Provides various integration modes, including message interfaces, APIs, and database access. Quick integration is implemented based on configuration, and existing system interfaces need not be modified. Multiple databases, big data services, and message middleware are interconnected, and MQTT devices can be accessed.

  2. Mature and Integrated Solution

    The ROMA cloud service integration solution has been incubated in Huawei's campus solution. It has integrated more than 20 Huawei campus applications, and supports over 90 integration scenarios. The solution can integrate applications within a few days.

  3. Cloud-Edge Safe Integration

    Without modifying existing network architecture, uses the existing campus network access mode to interconnect with HUAWEI CLOUD. Forms a unified channel to safely integrate the edge and cloud.

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