Supply Chain Finance

The Supply Chain Finance solution uses a wide range of HUAWEI CLOUD services to roll out financial supply chain systems quickly. It meets requirements for regulatory compliance, security, and reliability, while enhancing business management capabilities and reducing risks.
Solution Advantages
  • Compliance & Security

    Meets requirements for financial regulatory compliance and includes an extensive range of security services to provide comprehensive, high-level protection.

  • Service Neutrality

    To protect customer privacy and partner interests, Huawei adheres to strict service boundaries, vowing to not touch consumers' data, not target industry applications toward local markets, nor make equity investments in application partners.

  • Second-Level Service Deployment

    Enables on-demand resource use and second-level deployment based on business needs, with services that are ready for use out of the box.

  • Professional Support Services

    Standardized service support systems and local service teams around the world provide 24/7 services.

Business Challenges
  • High Security Risks

    Many cyber attacks threaten enterprises' security, including SQL injections, XSS attacks, DDoS attacks, and Trojan horses. Enterprises must meet increasingly stringent requirements for regulatory compliance.

  • High TCO

    Self-hosted data centers require heavy initial investment and a professional maintenance team, placing a huge financial burden upon enterprises and distracting them from core businesses.

  • Chaotic Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management is complicated by numerous factors such as fluctuating demand, shortened product and technology lifecycles, sales promotions, and seasonal consumption. Traditional financial supply chain systems cannot accommodate ever-changing business needs.

  • Lack of Credit Support for Small Enterprises

    Core enterprises often boost their profits by delaying payments to suppliers and accelerating inventory transfers to distributors, which results in capital crunches both upstream and downstream. This model does not benefit members in the supply chain.

Business Framework

Provides financial supply chain business management systems that cover all financial business scenarios and fulfill management needs. Establishes risk control systems based on internal and external big data.

Solution Architectures


Uses HUAWEI CLOUD services to roll out financial supply chain management systems, enable lightweight operations, and meet requirements for regulatory compliance and security. Deploys ECSs for on-demand expansion to support rapid business growth.


  • Complies with financial security regulations.
  • Reliably processes massive amounts of data.
  • Enables second-level service deployment.
  • Dramatically lowers enterprises' TCO.
Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Self-service, scalable cloud servers are available on demand so that you can build reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environments. These servers ensure that services are stable and consistent and improve the efficiency of O&M.
  • Web Application Firewall
    Examines all HTTP/HTTPS requests to detect and block attacks based on massive traffic, ensuring that financial web systems are stable and secure and preventing data leakages.
  • Advanced Anti-DDoS
    Protects resources from network and application layer DDoS attacks. It notifies users of detected attacks instantly, improves bandwidth utilization effectively, and ensures the stable and reliable running of services.

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