Virtual Bank

Virtual Bank is a secure and innovative cloud service–dedicated solution that provides exclusive resources for virtual banking services, offering high performance and security required by core financial services.
Solution Advantages
  • Resource Isolation

    Provides physically isolated computing, storage, and network resources in tenant-dedicated resource pools, and migrates core financial services to the cloud while ensuring user data security.

  • Security Compliance

    Functions as a one-stop solution and complies with financial supervision requirements, allowing enterprises to direct their focus toward core services.

  • Hybrid Hosting

    Leases and manages physical devices, and connects the managed physical devices to dedicated resources through the internal network, migrating special devices to the cloud.

  • Security & Reliability

    Leveraging mature security technologies and a wide variety of operations practices, HUAWEI CLOUD provides a set of effective security solutions.

Business Challenges
  • High Initial Investment

    Virtual banking generally involves relatively few customers and services in its initial stages. However, building traditional architecture for the service requires significant initial investment.

  • Capacity Expansion Difficulties

    Quick and seamless capacity expansion is not possible for traditional systems.

  • High Security Risks

    Enterprises have to purchase a large number of security devices to build their own data centers. To prevent security issues, a complete security management process is essential.

  • Slow Delivery

    Building a traditional IT system is time-consuming, delaying service rollout.

Solution Architectures


Enables virtual banks' cloud transformation and delivers integrated IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Enterprises can freely combine various services and products as needed, facilitating quick service deployment and rollout.


  • Elastic scaling
  • Simplified management
  • Resource isolation
  • Security compliance
  • High scalability
  • Solid reliability
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