Service Content

  • System Monitoring

    Cloud service alarms and device status are monitored and checked.

  • Resource Diagnosis

    Key configuration items, resource loads, and resource health of cloud services are checked.

  • Capacity Evaluation

    Event Management Service provides capacity evaluation and suggestions according to the customer's service status and predicted service peaks.

  • Security Assessment

    Event Management Service scans for security vulnerabilities on hosts and networks and provides security assessment and optimization suggestions.

  • Architecture Evaluation

    Event Management Service evaluates product architecture according to your business objective and planning, and provides optimization suggestions based on HUAWEI CLOUD products.

  • Assurance Team

    24/7 assurance is offered via the IM service group, and the designated TAM and WAR Room experts are ready to respond to your technical emergencies within 10 minutes.

  • Assurance Summary

    With Event Management Service, you can review the work before and during the assurance, have all relevant information summarized, and output a summary report.


You have signed the following document (including the electronic copy) in written form or confirmed that it is the acceptance certificate on the official website:

Event Management Service Acceptance Report, which includes cloud resource performance and usage, issue handling records, and optimization suggestions.

Service Flowchart

N indicates the time when the application is submitted, K indicates the assurance duration, and “day” indicates working days.