Genomic Sequencing

Provides ultra-high floating-point computing capabilities for computing-intensive and massive data processing scenarios, such as biopharmaceutical R&D, life sciences research, and targeted therapy analysis.
Solution Advantages
  • Excellent Performance

    100 Gbit/s InfiniBand computing network, 3.2 TB SSD, and local high-speed cache disks in the cloud ensure excellent performance.

  • Comprehensive Security Protection

    A reliable high-performance computing platform provides end-to-end security solutions and ensures user data security.

  • Open Architecture

    OpenStack-based HUAWEI CLOUD ensures greater openness and heterogeneous capabilities to prevent vendor lock-in.

  • Sustainable Ecosystem

    Huawei provides integrated industry-leading HPC application software and implements in-depth system performance evaluation with other vendors to ensure service reliability on HUAWEI CLOUD.

Business Challenges
  • Heavy Investment and Slow Construction

    Assets construction and use are strictly planned based on peak service hours, and enterprises or departments end making redundant investments. From bidding to service creation and rollout, it may take months, far too slow for today's pace of change.

  • Complex Maintenance

    Maintenance has become increasingly time-consuming as more nodes are deployed to ensure service continuity and a quick response time. This complexity distracts enterprises from their primary business objectives.

  • Hardware Obsolescence

    As new technologies continue to emerge, older devices struggle to scale up. Legacy devices are aging fast and new devices are constantly showing up. Older devices will very soon be unable to keep up with today's demand for computing power.

  • High OPEX

    The cost of equipment rooms, including the construction, rental fees, utilities, system management fees, service consultation fees, and device O&M fees, comprises a significant portion of the operating expense (OPEX).

Solution Architecture
  • Biomedicine



Biomedicine relies heavily on high-performance computing for molecular modeling, data management, medicine molecular design, and next-generation gene sequencing. Huawei HPC Cloud provides biopharmaceutical companies with industry-leading computing and storage services.

  1. Scalable and High-Performance Computing ECS

    Provides various types of Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) instances and dozens of configurations including the fat nodes based on Bare Metal Server (BMS) instances to meet different HPC application requirements for computing and memory capacity. ECS types include H1 (high computing I, which uses a 10GE network), H2 (ultra-high computing II, which uses a 100 Gbit/s InfiniBand network), P1 (Artificial Intelligence), and M1 (memory optimization type).

  2. Distributed and Scalable Block Storage Service

    Allows Elastic Volume Service (EVS) to be attached to each ECS on demand and offers storage space for HPC computing and storage nodes. Each disk provides up to 32 TB of capacity, 20,000 IOPS, and 350 MB/s throughput.

  3. Excellent VPC Network

    Builds a secure, isolated virtual network environment on HUAWEI CLOUD for HPC users. HPC computing networks connect to each other with 10GE Ethernet or Direct Connect, providing the high bandwidth for the users on your network.

  4. Massive OBS

    Provides a huge amount of storage space for HPC applications to storage HPC instance data and result data. You can flexibly upload and download HPC data.

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Recommended Services
  • Elastic Cloud Server
    Provides scalable, on-demand cloud servers for secure, flexible, and efficient applications, ensuring reliable, uninterrupted services and more efficient O&M.
  • Bare Metal Server
    Provides dedicated physical servers in the cloud to meet computing and data security requirements for your core databases, key application systems, and high-performance computing services. With the advantage of scalable cloud resources, BMSs can be used flexibly and paid for by usage.
  • Image Management Service
    Provides comprehensive image management capabilities, allowing you to access a wide range of public images or create your private images for rapid deployment and duplication of existing ECSs in batches.

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