SAP Hybris

SAP Hybris is a solution for e-commerce platforms that is deployed on HUAWEI CLOUD. It provides one-stop cloud services for a variety of e-commerce customers, helping them efficiently deploy and manage their e-commerce environments.
Solution Advantages
  • Auto Scaling

    In peak-data scenarios such as major promotions and flash sales, cloud resources are automatically added. In low-data scenarios, cloud resources are automatically deleted.

  • Streamlined Deployment

    SAP Hybris and the programs it depends on can be deployed with just a few clicks.

  • Full Security Protection

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides security services such as Anti-DDoS, Host Intrusion Detection, Web Application Firewall, and Cloud Eye, ensuring full protection for SAP Hybris.

  • Omnichannel Platform

    SAP Hybris can be rapidly integrated with third-party systems and accessed through multiple methods, such as PCs and mobile devices.

Typical Scenarios
  • Omnichannel Retail Management

  • Integration of SAP Hybris with ERP Systems

Omnichannel Retail Management

A Unified Data Source for Easy Omnichannel Retail Management

  1. Retail-oriented design:

    A unified platform implements omnichannel customer contact, handling end-to-end business and supporting various service models and scenarios.

  2. Unified order processing and inventory management:

    SAP Hybris provides a single inventory view, real-time inventory management across multiple inventory nodes, and a configurable and automatic order fulfillment process.

  3. Global data structure and product management:

    You can input main product data from multiple channels and manage product content in various manners.

Integration of SAP Hybris with ERP Systems

Multiple Integration Modes, Enabling an Easy and Seamless Integration with ERP Systems

  1. SAP Hybris applies to various retail businesses and works with the existing ERP systems of enterprises, setting up application systems efficiently and rapidly.

  2. Seamless integration with ERP:

    The SAP Hybris datahub conveniently integrates data between third-party platforms and SAP Hybris. For example, the existing SAP Hybris contains a powerful data integration module for both the SAP ERP system and SAP Hybris, enabling a customer's ERP system to transmit data to SAP Hybris directly.

  3. Multiple integration modes:

    Products, prices, inventory, and main customer data are delivered from ERP to SAP Hybris. Orders can then be generated by SAP Hybris and sent to ERP, or generated directly in ERP.

Solution Architectures


SAP Hybris contains common function modules for e-commerce applications. Customers can access e-commerce services by PCs or mobile devices. It defends against external attacks.


  • Low costs: Optimize resource utilization of the e-commerce cloud platform by elastic scaling.
  • Elastic capacity expansion: Properly distribute traffic in peak and off-peak hours.
  • All-round security protection: Effectively defend against DDoS attacks.

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