Entire SAP System on Cloud

Deploying your entire SAP system on HUAWEI CLOUD and connecting directly to your SAP systems over IPsec VPN or Direct Connect connections allow you to enjoy the large capacity, high performance, robust security, simplified O&M, and other conveniences of the cloud platform.
  • Large Capacity

    ECS with up to 4 TB of memory and BMS with up to 16 TB on HUAWEI CLOUD fully satisfy the growing service requirements of enterprises.

  • High Performance

    HUAWEI CLOUD exceeds SAP certification requirements by 300–500% in terms of storage KPIs. Multiple ECSs achieve excellent SAPS value.

  • Strong Security

    HUAWEI CLOUD complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) of the British Standard Association (BSI).

  • High Reliability

    Entire SAP System on Cloud ensures reliability with multiple schemes from which to choose, including local HA, backup and restoration, as well as disaster recovery.

  • Easy O&M

    O&M is performed by professional teams. The SAP management tool provides centralized monitoring, backup, recovery, and disaster recovery management (coming soon) for SAP application systems.

Solution Architecture

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