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Industrylogistics e-business platform
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Core Businessthird-party business to business (B2B) logistics trading platform
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Company Introduction

JCtrans.net was established with the goal of becoming the most influential logistics trading platform in the world. To achieve this goal, JCtrans.net has accumulated resources and customers in logistics, both inside and outside of China, to build diversified channels for centralized network procurement, marketing, and cooperation. JCtrans.net has developed an impressive network of systems such as online promotion, trading, settlement, finance, and credit systems that rely on e-commerce and public network platforms.


JCtrans.net is one of the world's largest logistics trading platforms, and they require large quantities of hardware devices and network bandwidth to cope with rapidly expanding services. IDC hosting requires a large initial investment and has poor scalability. Maintenance is difficult for remote hosting, especially trying to handle hardware faults in a timely manner.


    • Remote management and maintenance: HUAWEI CLOUD provides a cloud-based web management console, allowing enterprises to configure, monitor, and manage cloud servers through a browser anywhere at any time. Compared with IDC equipment room maintenance, cloud-based management is more convenient and easier to use.
    • Quick deployment: Instead of enterprises purchasing and deploying servers all by themselves, HUAWEI CLOUD hosting enables enterprises to select, deploy, and launch servers in only a few minutes. In addition, enterprises can increase or decrease their IT infrastructures at any time to meet service development requirements in real time.
    • On-demand: HUAWEI CLOUD provides enterprises with on-demand IT infrastructures to avoid unnecessary lump-sum expenditures. Enterprises can apply for IT infrastructures (for example, elastic cloud servers) as needed at any time.
    • High security and reliability: HUAWEI CLOUD provides multiple mechanisms to protect servers and guarantee data reliability, ensuring the security of enterprise IT resources and data.

    Customer Voice

    HUAWEI CLOUD hosting has enabled remote maintenance and has sped up system-wide recovery while ensuring high data security. With HUAWEI CLOUD, we can provide better services and more helpful support for our customers.