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With the rapid development of the e-commerce platform in China, the demand for express delivery has increased rapidly. On November 11, 2018, China's major e-commerce enterprises generated 1.352 billion express orders, with a year-on-year increase of 25.12%. On that day, the postal and express enterprises reached a record high by handling a total of 416 million orders.

Deppon has been continuously leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as cloud services and AI to improve competitiveness in express delivery industry. It has implemented AR, unmanned vehicles, intelligent customer services, logistics cloud, and more to achieve the rapid growth of its business.

In 2018, Deppon and HUAWEI CLOUD signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai, announcing in-depth cooperation in such fields as cloud computing and AI to explore the role that AI plays in the whole industry chain of the express industry, aiming to comprehensively upgrading user experience in the express delivery service.

HUAWEI CLOUD OCR helps Deppon increase efficiency while decreasing the cost by delivering fast scanning and pick-up

HUAWEI CLOUD OCR constructs the data repository by efficiently and accurately extracting key information of images. Currently, HUAWEI CLOUD OCR has reached accuracy greater than 99% and can recognize one image per second.

Deppon has applied OCR, instead of manual recording, to identify waybills. During pick-up, the deliveryman takes a photo or screenshot of the waybill, and OCR automatically identifies and then records the information about the sender and receiver on the image into the system. OCR delivers high-precision recognition and can handle various problems, such as complex backgrounds, uneven illumination, blurring, and missing corners, which reduces manual processing time of exceptions and greatly improves service efficiency and user experience. OCR helps reduce the management cost by about 25%.

    Labor cost saving through uninterrupted automatic flow operation, accurate information extraction, and automatic sorting

    Deppon uses HUAWEI CLOUD OCR to implement intelligent and efficient destination-based automatic package management. After a package is retrieved and uploaded to the pipeline, the system automatically takes photos of and identifies information related to the package, including the sender of the package, goods information, whether the package is covered with inspection seal, and more.

    Automatic detection of violent sorting, meticulous service ensuring secure delivery

    It is always a crucial problem that delivery staff sort packages violently, which not only harms the interests of consumers, but also leads to huge amount of damage compensation.

    The Intelligent Analysis Service of HUAWEI CLOUD EI enables real-time behavior analysis of surveillance videos and automatically recognizes the pickers' behavior such as throwing, pushing, and kicking packages. It automatically generates the video segments of violent sorting, including its occurrence time and location. Despite multiple trucks and multiple sorting personnel, the identification accuracy of the violent sorting algorithm still reaches 60% and the recall rate reaches 40%. The solution reduces manual monitoring costs and effectively reduces violent sorting behavior. With more secured operations, goods and packages can be delivered to all recipients intact.

    Enabling AI technologies to the delivery services of Deppon, HUAWEI CLOUD managed to enhance the upgrade of the logistics industry. Grow with HUAWEI CLOUD, seize the future of enterprise intelligence.