GPU Accelerated Cloud Server (GACS)


G series are great for graphics applications, while P series are optimized for parallel processing tasks, like deep learning and AI training and inference.


A comprehensive ecosystem provides support for multiple GPU applications and deep learning frameworks.

Ease of Use

Obtain all sorts of graphics workstations, supercomputing applications, and deep learning frameworks in just a few clicks.

Cost Effectiveness

Take advantage of pay-per-use or periodic subscriptions so you always have the latest hardware at your fingertips, with elastic scaling built right in.

Why Huawei Cloud GACS?

Powerful Compute

Powerful Compute

  • GPU and Ascend with excellent compute for AI, scientific computing, graphics workstations, and more

  • GPU Direct over RDMA, with 100 Gbit/s of bandwidth and just 2 µs of latency

  • Instances provisioned in minutes with only a few clicks

Cost-Effective Resources

Cost-Effective Resources

  • Pay-per-use billing greatly reduces the required investment into fixed assets during service expansion.

  • You can configure auto scaling policies to add or remove instances automatically.

  • Multiple billing modes (pay-per-use, yearly/monthly, spot price, etc.) are available for you to choose from.

Application Scenarios


Each GPU contains thousands of computing units providing

outstanding parallel computing capabilities.

GPU Direct

Big data transmission between neural networks is not a problem.

Acceleration Design

Instances can be provisioned in just minutes with only a few clicks.

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Scientific Computing

Scientific computing demands powerful double-precision computing capabilities. It can call for extraordinary compute resources.


Up to 680,000 IOPS for optimal storage performance

Double-Precision Computing

100x or more the double-precision computing performance than CPUs

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Graphic Workstations

GACS provides you with the powerful processing power you need for professional CAD, video rendering, and graphics processing.

High Performance

Dozens of times higher performance than standard GPUs

Professional Hardware

Data center-class M60 GPUs for graphic workstations

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