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Huawei Cloud Workspace and Meeting Rank No. 1 in China's Cloud Office Market

Jun 29, 2023 GMT+08:00

Huawei Cloud Workspace and Huawei Cloud Meeting ranked No. 1 in China's cloud office market in H2 2022, according to the IDC China Semiannual Virtual Client Computing Software Tracker,2022H2 and IDC China Cloud Conferencing Market Share,2022 released by International Data Corporation (IDC), the world's leading provider of IT market analysis and consulting service. The two Huawei Cloud services topped China's cloud office market throughout 2022.

According to IDC's survey, remote and hybrid work modes and intelligent digital workspaces are most likely to be the normal for enterprises in the future. Enterprises will invest more in tools and services that improve the flexibility of office work modes.

Huawei Cloud Workspace and Meeting are built on the cloud native media infrastructure and fueled by powerful digital media technology and a prosperous cloud office application ecosystem. These two services perfectly meet enterprises' core requirements for cloud-based office.


Huawei Cloud Workspace: The Preferred Cloud Office Platform for Enterprises

Huawei Cloud Workspace provides customers with a premium cloud desktop solution that features easy usage and high efficiency, security, and reliability. The solution is ideal for a wide range of scenarios such as daily office work, secure office work, and high-performance design. Huawei has ranked No. 1 in China's virtual desktop market for seven consecutive years.

·   Cloud foundation and diverse deployment modes: Workspace can be deployed on multiple infrastructure platforms, such as public clouds, edge nodes, Huawei Cloud Stack, and virtualized platforms. It has been adopted by customers from both private and public sectors, such as WeBank and Municipal Government of Karamay.

·   End-to-end protection: Five security capabilities are leveraged to protect enterprises' digital assets throughout cloud, pipe, and devices. Coupled with multiple strong control security policies, Workspace is capable of safeguarding the data security of security-sensitive organizations such as Xuzhou Finance Bureau and Keda New Energy.

·   HDP for smooth HD experience: Powered by Huawei Delivery Protocol (HDP), Workspace provides true-color UHD display of 4K @ 60 FPS for WYSIWYG and a low latency for smooth cloud games. Workspace ensures performance even under poor network conditions and supports low-bitrate HD transcoding, making it ideal for various professional scenarios, such as industrial design of Keytime Industrial and video post-production of Changzhou TV Station.

·   Prosperous cloud office ecosystem: The full-stack cloud native innovation and integration capabilities allow Workspace to support many mainstream operating systems and nearly 10,000 software products. The "Workspace+X" multi-scenario solution enables scenario-specific innovation. Workspace works with Huawei Qingyu PC and partners such as Xsuperzone and DeskMedia to jointly develop industry-tailored solutions.


Huawei Cloud Meeting: The Preferred Choice for Enterprises

Huawei Cloud Meeting provides a stable, secure, and easy-to-use HD cloud meeting solution. Hybrid deployment integrates the advantages of private networks and cloud meetings to better support large enterprises.

·   Hybrid deployment: Large enterprises require high security and have branches across regions, multiple meeting scenarios and meeting systems. The all-scenario Huawei Cloud OneMeeting solution allows deploying media nodes in enterprises' data centers, preventing sensitive data from being transferred out of enterprises. This solution is secure, stable, and easy to use.

·   Professional meeting control: Functions such as various video layouts, broadcasting participants in turn, and roll call help simulate real meetings, making meetings more orderly and professional.

·   Full HD audio and video experience: The "cloud + screen" HD intelligent meeting room solution supports 1080p @ 30 FPS video, 48K audio, and 4K data sharing, improving the efficiency and experience of meetings.


Building a New Cloud Office Ecosystem with Leading Technologies and an Open Ecosystem

Huawei Cloud's cloud native media infrastructure, fueled by a powerful digital media foundation, global media networks, and leading digital media engines and media transmission algorithms, enables Workspace and Meeting to deliver clearer audio and video and smoother user interaction.

Adhering to the concept of joint innovation for shared success, Huawei Cloud works with developers and partners worldwide to build a cloud office ecosystem. Huawei Cloud joins hands with more than 2000 software and hardware ecosystem partners to develop industry-specific collaborative cloud office solutions, facilitating the digital transformation and upgrade of office work.