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Customer Background

Myint Myint Khin Company Limited is well-known for its truly Myanmar traditional food and snack originally from Mandalay. Myint Myint Khin is one of the most famous brand of Htoe Moun, Moon Cake, Biscuits, Puddin, etc. They have developed its own taste and style over the past 100 years. For food industry, they have achieved Myanmar people’s recognition.


As the way of traditional business to digital transformation, Myint Myint Khin was faced the following challenges:

  • There was no room or manpower to host servers, because the IT team had only a few members.
  • Business Operations are performed with paper process which causes difficulty to realize secure, low-cost, and real-time interconnections.
  • The COVID-19 epidemic has had a major impact on Myint Myint Khin’s business. They are facing significantly reduced consumption as well as disrupted supply chains.

To survive this situation, Huawei Cloud help Myint Myint Khin by offering one month free cloud resources to overcome their business difficulties together.


  1. High Performance: HUAWEI CLOUD achieves leading performance in its product classes according to the SAP SD Benchmark (SAPS value).
  2. High Reliability: SAP on Cloud ensures reliability with multiple schemes from which to choose, including local HA, backup and restoration as well as disaster recovery.
  3. Local Team Support: Local service provide customized services for customers based on the phone number in Myanmar, local language, and local team. The presence of the local office in Myanmar enables the customer to have a physical organization that can communicate face to face.
  4. Service Orientation: Both SAP application deployments and O&M are service-based, shortening rollout time by 30% and more.


HUAWEI CLOUD can help Myint Myint Khin to easily migrate SAP B1 ERP system with simplified, smarter O&M. SAP Business One solution which is a business management software significantly improves business operations and is customized for small- and medium-sized enterprise of different scales in each industry. Here are the advantages of using SAP B1 on HUAWEI CLOUD :

  • Affordable Cost: The total cost of ownership (TCO) is low.
  • Comprehensive Functions: One solution meets all of the enterprise needs.
  • Quick and Easy Deployment: Deployment takes just weeks or even days.


    With the help of Huawei Cloud, customer can manage their digital businesses in real-time, improves business operations.

    • Reduced 15% O&M Cost: HUAWEI CLOUD provide sufficient service at a more competitive price. Customer can keep their system running at minimal expense without needing to predict the future hardware scale of the project. By deploying the business on HUAWEI CLOUD, Myint Myint Khin can reduce at least 15% IT cost.
    • OPEX Instead of CAPEX: Customer can easily deploy the SAP B1 system on HUAWEI CLOUD, without needing to handle the setup for computer, storage, and network infrastructures.
    • Flexible Expansion: Basic structures and memories for SAP B1 only need to be purchased in the initial stage. Customers can expand structures and memories as required.