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Customer Background

IFAD Multi-Products Limited is a subsidiary of IFAD Group. IFAD Multi Products Ltd. is recognized as one of the largest consumer food producers in Bangladesh. Currently the company established itself as one the largest suppliers of flour products, salt, noodles, stick noodles, a varied range of biscuits and cookies, packaged whole spices and bottled drinking water.


In the beginning, IFAD was using local software to manage their business functions. Businesses with this IT model must purchase additional hardware and upgrades in order to scale up their data storage and services to support more users. Mandatory software upgrades are also required with traditional IT infrastructure to ensure fail-safe systems are in place in case a hardware failure occurs. So that, IFAD prefer to transform Cloud business in order to minimize their CAPEX. They can also avoid recruiting IT staff and will save energy and money on running a physical data center.


    1. HUAWEI CLOUD can able to help a full one stop service for IFAD.
    2. Local presence and have professional technical team to support.
    3. With SAP S/4HANA system on HUAWEI CLOUD, there is no need to handle setup or pay for compute, storage, and network infrastructures. It is more cost effective than traditional IT infrastructures.


    HUAWEI CLOUD provides SAP S/4HANA solution with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics. It transforms business processes with intelligent automation which helps enterprises to manage their digital businesses in real-time and provides personalized user experience through SAP Fiori.


    1. Reduce TCO: SAP S/4HANA will simplify the customer IT landscape and reduce the cost of ownership (TCO), working with larger data sets in one system saving hardware costs, operational costs.
    2. Scalable Solution: Allow the solution to increasing size as customer business needs to increase, with no limits.
    3. Faster Implementation Times: The overall project duration is reduced due to the Cloud principles. The biggest time saving is during the build due to the reduced configuration and guided configuration process.

    Customer Voices

    Tanvir Ahmed, Managing Director of IFAD Multi-products said, "Though we are a developing country, we are quite familiar with the latest technologies in today's world. HUAWEI CLOUD has helped us to reduce management costs by improving business & management processes with SAP solutions, which will add our consumers to the world-class service line."