Major Game Studios Choosing HUAWEI CLOUD


  • Cloud-Cloud Synergy for Business Growth

    The seamless integration between HUAWEI CLOUD and HUAWEI Mobile Services means unified services and experience for customers and partners. The single, unified platform makes game development easier and more efficient. Major game studios rely on HUAWEI CLOUD Gaming to distribute their applications to 900 million users around the world. The fast, easy access it provides keeps current users happy and keeps the user base growing.

  • Global Presence and Operational Compliance

    HUAWEI CLOUD has 61 AZs in 27 geographic regions around the world, covering more than 170 countries and regions. It has received multiple ISO certifications and has been certified for compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the EU, making it easier for your game customers to comply with user security, data security, and legal and regulatory requirements. HUAWEI CLOUD compliance standards make it simpler and easier to grow your gaming enterprise internationally.

  • Technical Innovation Making Gaming More Fun

    A powerful cloud-native infrastructure provides a stable gaming environment and a unified cloud-native big data base with decoupled storage and compute to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Game AI injects intelligence into gaming, making for more efficient R&D and delivering an improved gaming experience. Cloud-based mobile games make one-click game launch and multi-person interaction on the same screen possible.

  • 24/7 Service with Fast Response

    HUAWEI CLOUD's local service teams around the world provide 24/7 service, responding fast when you need help.

Game Solution Architecture

The standard gaming solution includes deployment, O&M, and gaming operations.

Deployment: HUAWEI CLOUD provides high-performance C6 ECSs to ensure efficient and stable game deployment. RDS databases handle all the concurrency you need and help ensure availability for your games. AAD provides TB-level DDoS mitigation capability to keep your games from getting get knocked offline, and a robust CDN speeds up game package downloads and content delivery.

O&M: HUAWEI CLOUD provides basic resource monitoring, alarm reporting, application O&M, performance management, and log management.

Operations: HUAWEI CLOUD provides efficient data access, big data analysis, data visualization, and content moderation.

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Industry Practices and Customer Innovation

NetEase Games

NetEase Games used the HUAWEI CLOUD Kunpeng-powered cloud gaming solution in the trial promotion of games such as Justice Online and Revelation Online. The solution enables games to run on cloud servers, so that players can access high-quality games with low latency from any terminal.


HUAWEI CLOUD made it possible to roll out Doula Continent Xw-core, ensuring their business could expand smoothly. With local and remote AAD deployed, core servers are never be interrupted, and interruptions for battle servers can never exceed 5 minutes.

37 Interactive Entertainment

HUAWEI CLOUD worked with 37 Interactive Entertainment to build stable and smooth cloud gaming experience over 5G network. HUAWEI CLOUD also provides stable basic resources and dedicated assurance teams to ensure stable and reliable services.


HUAWEI CLOUD provided powerful cloud infrastructure and AI content moderation solution for Mini World to build a stable and healthy gaming environment for players. AR Engine enables players to easily customize 3D roles and actions, stimulating creativity and having fun.

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