Host Security Service Disclaimer

Host Security Service Disclaimer

This statement defines the service content, pricing, and responsibilities of Huawei Cloud Host Security Service (hereinafter referred to as "HSS" or "the Service"). Before using the Service, please read and ensure you understand the restrictions and disclaimers, especially the content underlined or in bold.

HSS provided by Huawei Cloud shall be used together with host and container services to protect and containers from unauthorized access. If you choose to use HSS, you are deemed to have fully agreed with the content of this statement.


1. Service Content

HSS comes in Basic, Enterprise, Premium, Web Tamper Protection (WTP), and Container editions. For more information about the functions and constraints of each edition, see the HSS edition introduction and documentation (hereinafter referred to as " edition descriptions ") on the Huawei Cloud website ( Please understand and agree that the Service does not include functions and services outside the edition descriptions.


2. Service Pricing

2.1 The Service prices are displayed on your subscription page. You shall pay these prices, which are calculated based on the pricing system on the Huawei Cloud website ( The Service reserves the right to refuse to provide you with services and/or technical support, and the right to terminate services and/or technical support, until you have paid all fees as agreed.

2.2 You understand and agree that if you unsubscribe from a one-off purchase, the paid fees will not be refunded.

2.3 You understand and agree that the Service has the right to adjust the price and billing mode from time to time based on business conditions but will notify you in advance through official website announcements, internal notifications, and SMS messages.

2.4 The Service has the right to promote and provide free service items based on business conditions. You understand and agree that the free service items provided in marketing campaigns do not include free support for modifications, updates, and maintenance. Huawei Cloud has the right to refuse technical support for the service items provided or given away in promotional activities. Such service items cannot be used to offset the price of the services you have purchased or plan to purchase.


3. Responsibility Declaration

3.1 You promise to use Huawei Cloud host and container services in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations and will not perform any operations that damage network security or the HSS agent process.

3.2 You are responsible for the confidentiality and integrity of your server and container credentials and passwords. You shall be exclusively liable for any loss and consequences caused by credential or password leakage resulting from your own actions.

3.3 You understand that the Service cannot guarantee that the provided services are free of any problems. For example, the Service cannot guarantee the absolute security of your hosts, containers, and systems. The Service promises to continuously improve its quality. If a problem that cannot be avoided by using existing technologies occurs, the Service will help you solve the problem. However, the service interruptions resulting from the problem does not constitute a breach of contract, and Huawei Cloud is not liable for the interruptions.

3.4 The Service has the right to provide, change, and disable open API functions based on service conditions. Before any APIs are changed or disabled, related notifications will be announced on the Huawei Cloud website. If your security services are interrupted due to disabled or changed APIs, the Service will assist you in resolving the issue. However, such interruptions do not constitute a breach of contract, and Huawei Cloud is not liable for them.

3.5 You understand and authorize the Service to update the agent on your hosts based on the latest intelligence, vulnerability and virus characteristics, and agent patches to enhance security defense.

3.6 You understand and acknowledge that the Service does not guarantee the authenticity, integrity, validity, accuracy, and timeliness of the provided information about risks, assets, baselines, vulnerabilities, alarms, and configurations. Such information is for your reference only.

3.7 You promise not to reference, modify, copy, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble any part of the Service (including its agents, pages, intelligence, and data). In the event of any of the preceding situations, the Service reserves the right to take legal actions.

3.8 Huawei Cloud reserves the right to interpret this statement and update it whenever necessary. An updated statement will be released with the Service and take effect immediately after it is posted on the Huawei Cloud website.


Last updated: November 9, 2022