Image Management Service Statement

Image Management Service Statement

I. About System Images

Huawei Cloud website provides many system images for your selection. If you choose one of them or self-installed OSs or other software, you completely agree to this statement.

Huawei Cloud does not provide support for any system image, self-installed OS, or any other software available at Huawei Cloud website, or any warranty, guarantee, or representation, either express or implied, and neither assumes any responsibility for losses caused by them.

II. About Third-Party Software and Services

If you use software or services provided by SAP, you agree to abide by SAP Software or Service Agreement and relevant third-party license terms. When you use SAP software or services you should follow associated license terms. Any support for the software or services that you choose will be provided by SAP according to its terms.

SAP may ask for your user information to provide you with better support. By using SAP software or services, you agree that SAP may obtain your user information, including but not limited to the enterprise name or username, contact information, or email. If SAP collects your personal information irrelevant to the software or services that you use without your consent, Huawei Cloud does not assume any responsibilities.

Updated: September 19, 2022