GenBand Africa embraces a dynamic solution by HUAWEI CLOUD

GenBand Africa, a HUAWEI CLOUD customer provides services that include fibre infrastructure, managed services, professional services, and a range of devices and services related to the Internet of Things (IoT). GenBand Africa offers engineering and professional services geared at end-to-end technology and network solutions. Their clients are in the fields of telecommunications, software enterprises, and technology vendors. They are a level B-BBEE company with strong African roots and were registered as a HUAWEI CLOUD customer in 2021.


  • HUAWEI CLOUD collaborated closely with GenBand Africa to decide on an efficient solution which would enable the enterprise to deploy a sufficient strategy to manage the Service Providers cloud infrastructure costs.

  • Huawei CLOUD was the only solution that could scale optimally and GenBand Africa required a solution which would ease operations and improve efficiency.

  • HUAWEI CLOUD gave GBA the flexibility to support a solution that didn't exist before. It gave GBA an opportunity to innovate in an area that is very static.

  • Huawei allowed GBA to optimise using local skillsets. That was essential to them, to be able to train local people in remote areas, create jobs and use them in alignment with the cloud strategy HUAWEI CLOUD provided us with.

Customer Testimony

“Our aim is to digitise as much of the physical world to enable the collection of data points that will birth smarter algorithms for artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. These data point create the platform for real automation that drives true innovation for our customers,” said Srini Moodley, GenBand CEO.


Inefficient IoT hub intergration escalated costs

Events such as load shedding out of the control of the organisation

Unpredicatable variable cost caused by loadshedding events

Scarce local to IoT cloud resources


Basic restoration of services as cloud brought more agility and effectiveness

New wave IoT was able to implement migrate solution from current cloud vendor to Huawei CLOUD.

This allowed for more efficient field staff management due to the solution providing remote fixes and analytics at scale.

Client was able to reduce costs while maintaining the same level of functionality and a higher performance metric.