Huawei Cloud Flexus X Instance

Flexible Compute

Improve resource utilization and save money on compute with specifications dynamically recommended based on your workloads and peak memory profiles.

Intelligent Acceleration

Benefit from X-Turbo acceleration to get 6x the performance of peer products with the same specifications, and intelligent all-domain scheduling trained using foundation models.

High Cost-Effectiveness

Only pay for what you use and use intelligent recommendations to keep your costs as low as possible.

High Reliability and Security

Get 99.995% cross-AZ availability from this product, certified by 100+ authoritative international compliance organizations.

Diverse Specifications to Match Diverse Needs

Diverse Specifications to Match Diverse Needs

  • 2 vCPUs | 2 GiB
  • 4 vCPUs | 8 GiB
  • 8 vCPUs | 16 GiB
  • All

Why Huawei Cloud Flexus X Instance?

Specifications Tailored to Your Service Needs

Specifications Tailored to Your Service Needs

  • Flexible vCPU/memory ratio: Instead of the traditional, fixed 1:2 ratio, you can configure a ratio that meets your needs, such as 1:3 or 2:5.

  • Compute upgrade on the fly: With Huawei Cloud EulerOS, the vCPU and memory specifications can be adjusted without interrupting services, even when there are tens of millions of vCPUs.

Always Accelerating, Always Fast

Always Accelerating, Always Fast

  • Intelligent underlying resource scheduling with foundation models: QoS guarantee and intelligent all-domain scheduling are trained using foundation models to keep services stable over the long term and continuously accelerate performance.

  • Intelligent application acceleration: First applied to x86 applications, covering network applications, databases, virtual desktops, analysis indexes, microservices, and CI/CD, intelligent acceleration gives you 6x the performance of peer products with the same specifications.

The More You Use, The More You Save

The More You Use, The More You Save

  • Migration pre-profiling: Intelligent resource pre-profiling for cloud migration provides tailored recommendations to help you select suitable specifications and reduce your costs by 30%.

  • Intelligent recommendation: Tailored recommendations are provided based on dynamic workload profiling to meet your service requirements while also optimizing performance and costs.

  • Refined pricing: Resources are priced based on compute and you only need to pay for what you actually use.

Reliability and Security that Set Your Mind at Ease

Reliability and Security that Set Your Mind at Ease

  • The ultimate reliability: Flexus X Instance provides 99.975% availability in a single AZ and 99.995% availability across AZs.

  • Powerful O&M capabilities: Huawei has one of the largest SRE teams in China and ensures ultra-high availability based on the deterministic operations of Huawei Cloud.

  • Comprehensive security: Multiple editions of HSS are available to protect your cloud servers.

More Services to Work With, More Ways to Get Things Done

Enterprise Website Setup

Enterprises create platforms such as blogs, forums, and websites, where they communicate, share, and spread information.


Auto Scaling scales resources based on dynamic profiling in response to service changes. Tiered pricing helps reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

High Availability

Elastic Load Balance (ELB) and Auto Scaling enable cross-AZ high availability (HA) for enterprise sites and seamless real-time failover in disaster recovery (DR) scenarios.

Security Assurance

Web Application Firewall (WAF) defends against online attacks and intrusions to protect service data.

Digital Certificates

SSL Certificate Manager (SCM) provides trusted identity authentication based on digital certificates to prevent website spoofing.

Individual Development and Testing

Developers use FlexusX instances to save money on development and testing environment setup.

Flexible Billing

Pay-per-use billing and no billing for stopped instances greatly reduce the development and test costs.

High Reliability

99.975% availability SLA and nine nines (99.9999999%) storage durability ensure the reliability of self-built environments.

Complete Toolchain

CodeArts full-stack development and testing tools significantly improve development and test efficiency.

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Game Servers

Game servers on FlexusX instances can effortlessly accommodate thousands of players online at the same time and smoothly expand capacity in response to an expanding player base. Powerful network acceleration capabilities improve user experience.

Robust Performance

Powerful compute, with up to 16 vCPUs available, can handle a million concurrent connections and supports thousands of players online.

Smooth Expansion

Huawei-developed OS can expand resources on the fly without stopping servers.

Ultra-Low Latency

Content Delivery Network (CDN) downloads game resources from servers nearby to reduce latency.

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