All Platform Access & Openness

Access via computer, mobile phone, and browser
Open UI SDKs integrated into your apps in 1 week

Cloud-Device Collaboration

Access from Huawei/Cisco/Polycom SIP/H.323 devices
Native cloud conferencing on screens such as IdeaHub

30+ Years of Expertise

1,000+ patents, resistance to 80% network loss, and 4K HD
3,000+ nodes in 170+ countries and regions for smooth HD access

Security & Hybrid Deployment

200+ proven high-end multinational meetings
Media deployed within your enterprise to secure data

Your Choice for Professional Cloud Conferencing

Cloud Meeting

Provides remote conferencing for individuals and enterprises in all scenarios.

Key Functions
HD audio, 4K video, and 4K sharing
Efficient collaboration: screen sharing and dual annotation
Multiple organization modes and one-click joining
Participant scope control, watermark, and anti-screenshot

Delivers efficient conferencing on intelligent collaboration displays and traditional SIP/H.323 hard terminals in meeting rooms.

Key Functions
HD, smooth, easy-to-use video meetings
Electronic whiteboard with a 35 ms ultra-low writing latency
Wireless projection and control from a mobile phone/PC to a display
Custom greeting bulletin
Open Platform

Opens up client SDKs and server RESTful APIs for integration into collaborative office and industry applications.

Key Functions
Open platforms such as mobile phones, PCs, and webpages
Full capabilities such as meeting management and control, contacts, audio, and video
Simple UI SDK integration and fast application rollout in 1 week
Native SDK and flexible GUI customization
Professional Services

Offers multi-faceted expert support for operations, integration development, and meeting assurance.

Key Functions
Remote meeting assurance
Onsite meeting assurance
Meeting operations support
Integration and development support
Hybrid Media

Deploys media services in your equipment rooms to balance security, costs, and usability.

Key Functions
Security: Core data such as contacts, audio/video streams, and recordings stays off the cloud.
Reliability: Meetings stay on when you are disconnected from the public cloud.
Lightweight: only 2 firewall ports required
Hybrid scheduling, scaling, and failover on the cloud

Why Huawei Cloud Meeting?

Cloud-Device Collaboration for All Scenarios and Platforms

Cloud-Device Collaboration for All Scenarios and Platforms

  • One-click joining on your computer, mobile phone, or browser

  • Stable HD conferencing on multi-vendor SIP/H.323 devices

  • Native cloud conferencing and efficient collaboration on popular displays such as IdeaHub, MAXHUB, Hisense, TCL, and HUAWEI Vision

High Security and Reliability

High Security and Reliability

  • Anti-screenshot, invitees only, and internal-only viewing of shared data

  • Hybrid media to keep core data within your organization

  • Meeting failover within 1 minute and proven experience with more than 200 successful multinational meetings

HD, Stable, and Smooth Global Access

HD, Stable, and Smooth Global Access

  • 4K video, 4K screen sharing, and 48 kHz high-fidelity audio

  • Virtual backgrounds, AI reduction of 300+ noise types, and noise reduction

  • 3,000+ nodes, latency < 200 ms, and 80% PLC

Professional Meeting Management and Control

Professional Meeting Management and Control

  • Off-site assistant: giving the floor, displaying participants in turn, 39 screen layouts, custom participant sequence, custom background, and custom layout for each device

  • Meeting management: recurring meetings, meeting templates, notifications, QoS, historical meetings, and auto minutes generation

  • Comprehensive functions: recording, chat, co-host, breakout room, waiting room, and simultaneous interpretation