Seamless Communication, Effortless Collaboration

Seamless Communication, Effortless Collaboration

Secure, reliable, ultra-HD, videoconferencing

Secure, reliable, ultra-HD, videoconferencing

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Enterprise-grade Features for Smoother Online Meetings

Choose Huawei Cloud Meeting for immersive meetings, presentations, lessons, and training

Better Collaboration

Intelligent Collaboration

Sharing through screens, whiteboards, or projection

4K ultra-HD sharing and real-time annotation by multiple participants

Remote control, so you can operate your computer or give presentations from anywhere, anytime

Seamless Connectivity

Device-Cloud Synergy

Seamless data transfer among PCs, mobile phones, tablets, meeting room terminals, and smart TVs

4K ultra-HD for projection from a PC or mobile phone to a large screen and synchronous operations among devices

Reverse projection from a large screen to a PC or mobile phone to facilitate remote viewing
Sharper Video

HD Video

1080p HD video, 4K screen sharing

The industry's first 720p HD video meeting mobile client

E2E latency of less than 200 ms, providing a smooth, real-time meeting experience

Superb network adaptability, ensuring smooth streaming media even when the packet loss rate reaches 30% for video or 80% for audio

Easier to Use

Easy to Use

One-click meeting initiation, and daily, weekly, or monthly meeting scheduling

Email, calendar notifications, and customizable meeting reminders

Joining meetings using meeting IDs, meeting links, or QR codes through multiple types of terminals

Inviting participants using the address book, QR codes, WeChat, SMS messages, or emails

Smart Products to Enable the Hybrid Office of the Future

Connect from your computer, mobile, interactive whiteboard, audio/visual terminal, or telepresence system


Intelligent writing, HD video conferencing, and wireless sharing for a smarter office.

Huawei Intelligent Collaboration Terminals

Build a smart, digitized office with AI-enabled services and collaboration tools.

Application Scenarios

Communicate easily, share ideas, and enable new possibilities on a reliable and secure platform

  • Digital Finance

    Offer remote financial advice and VIP services for clients. Hold secure inter-branch meetings with staff.

  • Telemedicine

    Offer patients remote consultations, conduct teaching, and medical training services.

  • Intelligent Education

    Conduct lessons and training with clear audio and sharp pictures in remote classrooms.

  • Digital Government

    Implement collaborative and interactive meetings at government agencies across different regions and departments.


Trusted by global enterprises in finance, manufacturing, education, healthcare, logistics and more

  • Finance | Saved $100,000+ in a year

    Over 40 branches of Yongan Futures around the world are now connected, enabling easier collaboration, and coordinated launches of new online financial services.

  • Enterprise | Connected production facilities and offices

    By integrating Huawei Cloud Meeting access and control systems, YASHA improved production efficiency, and saved money by reusing existing meeting terminals.

  • Education | Enabled smart classrooms

    Using smart classroom functionality integrated into Huawei Cloud Meeting, Shouyetang works with teachers at 50+ county-level high schools across 6 provinces. In addition, students in remote areas connect online to receive high-quality education.

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