Business Challenges

  • Low Work Efficiency

    Manual document input is currently the most widely used input method by enterprises. Data input personnel record pieces of data into the computer one by one, and the data flows to the ERP system and record tables. This method wastes manpower and time.

  • High Input Error Rate

    Document input tasks are so enormous that data input personnel are prone to fatigue errors when repeating the same input actions. Incorrectly inputting numbers, names, and addresses increases workloads and affects subsequent business processing.

  • Lack of Data Support for Decision Making

    The low efficiency of collecting basic data reduces the performance of business systems (such as ERP and CRM), because it is difficult to collect and analyze data related to the enterprise quickly. This hinders decision-making for enterprises.

Typical Scenarios

Document OCR

In financial business processes, a large number of documents need to be manually entered into the system. Document OCR can scan and identify all kinds of documents, contracts, VAT invoices, and tables in batches. In addition, Document OCR allows users to customize identification templates, greatly shortening input time and improving business processing efficiency.

Collection of Multiple Types of Documents

A table recognition algorithm automatically matches 100+ tables (invoices, medical care, insurance documents, and so on).

High Processing Precision in the Identification Phase

A post-processing enhancement algorithm allows the recognition precision of decimal points, digits, and symbols to reach 98%.

Strong Anti-Interference Capability

A text separation model is used to eliminate interference such as seals, text tilt, cross-line, and superimposition. A document identification model is used to identify various document types and the front and rear sides of documents, minimizing the impacts of tilt, distortion, complex backgrounds, and imbalanced proportions.

Related Services

Solution Advantages

  • High Precision

    This solution uses advanced deep learning algorithms to adapt to various business scenarios, achieving high character recognition accuracy.

  • Support for Complex Scenarios

    This solution recognizes characters in twisted or tilted certificates with complex backgrounds, as well as characters in sealed and interlaced tables.

  • Easy to Use

    This solution provides standard RESTful APIs with high compatibility to offer ease of use.

  • Stability

    This solution is tested and used over the years across complex enterprise scenarios.

Recommended Services

In financial business processes, users need to present multiple types of documents, such as ID cards, reimbursement forms, and customs declaration forms. OCR enables automatic information entry and review, improving efficiency.
ModelArts is a one-stop AI development platform built by HUAWEI CLOUD. It provides out-of-the-box capabilities, helping users quickly develop and train AI models and deploy services.
ECS provides financial enterprises with an intelligent recording and document management platform, which provides cloud servers that can be obtained at any time and elastically scaled. This enables users to build a reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environment.