Recommended Solutions

  • Industrial Park

    The rapid introduction of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and AI in traditional industries has accelerated transformations and innovation.
  • Educational Park

    As the economy develops, the demand for world-class education continues to rise. This has prompted campuses to transform from being mere physical spaces to innovative, digital education platforms able to deliver high-quality services.

Application Scenarios

Huawei is committed to building a digital platform with cutting-edge technologies and cloud services to better support smart campus building. By integrating intelligent devices and supporting innovative application development, the platform aims to redefine the campus service architecture to help visualize campus management status, manage all applications, and control events. At Huawei, our focus is on making sure that campuses are safe, comfortable, efficient, and green, and our Smart Campus solution does just that. It provides a better service experience for campus users and maintains excellent operations capabilities for campus operators, thereby creating a greater economic and social value.

Key Scenarios of Smart Campus

HUAWEI CLOUD Introduction

Technical Architecture

Smart Campus integrates device, pipe, and cloud technologies to enable edge-cloud synergy.

Edge Computing Architecture
Edge Computing Architecture

Edge computing enables data processing, analysis and decision making, as well as the intelligent implementation and remote management of edge nodes. It also provides you with an integrated edge-cloud synergy service.

ROMA Architecture
ROMA Architecture

The Relationship, Open, Multi-Ecosystem, and Any-Connect (ROMA) platform has been incubated in Huawei's campus solution. With the help of ROMA, more than 20 Huawei campus applications can be integrated within a few days. Over 90 integration scenarios are supported.

EI and Big Data Architecture
EI and Big Data Architecture

HUAWEI CLOUD provides enterprise-level AI, video analysis, and big data cloud services to help partners build smart campuses in a more secure, convenient, and greener manner.