ANC InsurTech

ANC InsurTech is an insurance broker and online leader that owns,, and, insurance comparison services on a platform designed to be simple to use. has annual sales of a billion baht, and we've earned the confidence of over one million clients who buy insurance 24 hours a day. We’ve also served as many as 50,000 customers in a single day. We've created an AI solution to manage and control bots, OCR, APIs, and web services so that they can all give information simply and rapidly. We also use Big Data and Machine Learning to analyze and predict future needs, allowing us to develop, create, and design products in response to customer requests. Such requests target costs, benefits, or special conditions such as access to insurance information. We also collaborate with many leading Thai companies to grow our business into the future.


Our pain points are our online technologies, which are crucial to our goal of becoming Full-Stack Insurtech. In April 2021, one of our websites was overrun by an enormous number of clients accessing at the same time. Our services did not respond with normal millisecond-latency. Thus, a large number of customers on our simple platforms would be one of our pain points. We launched an emergency mission to restore service performance in collaboration with internal and external partners. We can now handle many clients perfectly and have grown by leaps and bounds.


We appreciate that HUAWEI CLOUD personnel were able to address our difficulties and requests, including fixing database, query, 504 Gateway Timeout, and other issues. HUAWEI CLOUD is a fascinating cloud platform fully capable of meeting all client expectations, whether they be about server, network, database, security, or backup. We strongly recommend HUAWEI CLOUD to our partners considering a shift.


HUAWEI CLOUD high-performance infrastructure provides the following top benefits:

Apart from the fact that HUAWEI CLOUD enables us to expand our business indefinitely, we also value its growing service range that includes ransomware protection and site-to-site replication in case of disaster. HUAWEI CLOUD helps us always be prepared for unexpected events thanks to backups and easy switching. We are grateful to HUAWEI CLOUD for making us more secure, especially with protection against ransomware, a major threat to the insurance industry today. Another value feature is site-to-site replication, which allows us to work continuously, increasing customer trust and providing the best service.