Advanced Anti-DDoS

Advanced Anti-DDoS is a paid value-added service that protects game, finance, and eCommerce customers against heavy-traffic DDoS attacks. It diverts the traffic to the proxy IP address, ensuring the stability and reliability of the origin server

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Large Bandwidth

600+ Gbit/s bandwidth for the Advanced-Anti-DDoS data center and large bandwidth for single IP addresses effectively defend against DDoS attacks

Flexible Protection

The baseline bandwidth + elastic bandwidth mode enables anti-DDoS thresholds to be flexibly adjusted to provide better protection

High Availability

Automatic attack detection and defense policy matching provide real-time protection and up to 99.99% of anti-DDoS availability

Professional Operations

Professional operations support teams provide around-the-clock operation support, safeguarding your services

Application Scenarios

  • Large Enterprise Portal

  • eCommerce Platform

  • Game

Large Enterprise Portal

Large Enterprise Portal

Provides enterprise portals with cost-effective and reliable anti-DDoS protection. Multiple forwarding rules evenly distribute user access traffic to multiple back-end ECSs, ensuring stability and reliability of services


  • Flexible Expansion of Protection Bandwidth

    Users can flexibly select elastic bandwidth on the basis of the baseline bandwidth

  • Multiple Forwarding Rules

    Multiple forwarding rules and load balancing are supported

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eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platform

Provides eCommerce customers with reliable and high-bandwidth anti-DDoS protection, protecting financial services from traffic bursts


  • Reliable Anti-DDoS

    The anti-DDoS service features up to 99.99% availability, excellent performance, low latency, and rock-solid stability

  • High Protection Bandwidth

    High bandwidth for single IP addresses ensures service stability in attacks

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Provides game customers with stable, high-bandwidth, and low-latency anti-DDoS protection, ensuring stable and smooth game experience


  • Large Service Bandwidth

    Large service bandwidth satisfies the service requirements of game customers

  • Large Protection Bandwidth

    Large bandwidth for single IP addresses ensures service stability in attacks

  • Low Latency

    Low latency ensures stable and smooth game experience

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Function Description

Anti-DDoS and Protection Against Application-Layer Attacks

Provides anti-DDoS function, effectively defending against various DDoS attacks and application-layer attacks

  • 600+ Gbit/s Traffic Cleaning Cluster

    Provides Advanced-Anti-DDoS equipment rooms featuring 600+ Gbit/s traffic cleaning capabilities, ensuring stable and reliable services in heavy-traffic DDoS attacks

  • Accurate Traffic Cleaning

    Filters malformed packets and cleans traffic for attacks, such as SYN Flood, ACK Flood, UDP Flood, ICMP Flood, and RST Flood

  • WAF/CC Attack Prevention

    Identifies and blocks SQL injection, XSS, CC attacks, crawlers, and CSRF attacks to ensure secure and stable web services

  • Domain Name–based Connection

    Supports connection based on CNAME records and uses DNS to distribute traffic

Elastic Bandwidth Protection

Provides elastic bandwidth on the basis of baseline bandwidth

  • Baseline Bandwidth

    Provides the basic bandwidth required by customer services at a low cost. A bandwidth of 20 Gbit/s to 200 Gbit/s can be purchased as the baseline bandwidth

  • Elastic Bandwidth

    Ensures the stability and reliability of customer services in traffic bursts. Elastic bandwidth ranges from 20 Gbit/s to 600 Gbit/s

Multiple Forwarding Protocols

Supports multiple forwarding protocols, load balancing, and even service traffic distribution

  • Multiple Forwarding Rules

    Supports 50 forwarding rules. Each rule can provide protection for 20 origin sites, improving service deployment flexibility

  • Load Balancing

    Cleans user traffic and distributes the cleaned traffic to different back-end origin servers in polling mode

Protection Reports

Provides anti-DDoS statistics and displays real-time and historical attacks as well as security events

  • Anti-DDoS Statistics

    Provides anti-DDoS statistics, including the DDoS attack peak, number of DDoS attacks, and number of protection ports

  • Traffic Monitoring Reports

    Displays normal traffic and attack traffic in terms of the number of bytes and packets and allows historical data in recent 90 days to be queried

  • Security Events

    Shows information about attacks, including the attack types, statuses, time, and traffic