Miaopai Video Sharing and Live Streaming Powered by the HUAWEI CLOUD

HUAWEI CLOUD helps Miaopai, the short-video platform hailed as China's Vine, increase the average click-through rate for the short video service by 20.01% and increase the average number of views per person by 10.42%.

How Miaopai Benefits from HUAWEI CLOUD

  • Technical Enablement and Lightning-Fast Capacity Expansion

    Services were previously deployed on VMs, rendering high costs and complicating maintenance efforts. Deploying over HUAWEI CLOUD containers delivered much higher efficiencies, reduced the resources (thereby saving money), and enabled capacity to be quickly expanded to handle bursts in traffic.

  • Always-Available Technical Support

    After learning of the need, HUAWEI CLOUD sent a team of technical experts to Miaopai headquarters to address the technical difficulties in the changing dynamics of their data and jointly solve system compatibility and architecture reconstruction issues.

  • AI-Powered Enablement — Not Just a Bunch of Gadgetry

    HUAWEI CLOUD delivers differentiated competitive advantages in short video for Miaopai. After implementing new alogrithms able to make precise recommendations based on user profiles, Miaopai's average click-through rate for the short video service increased by 20.01%, and the average number of views per person increased by 10.42%.

Miaopai selected HUAWEI CLOUD as its partner because of the cloud service provider's rapid growth in market performance and its proven ability to provide industry-leading technologies backed by fully vetted architectures. Another major consideration for the customer was Huawei's award-winning technical support and ability to make the migration seamless - a testament to the "customer-centricity" core value.

Li Donghui, Architect at Miaopai

Miaopai Uses the Following Products from HUAWEI CLOUD

Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

The HUAWEI CLOUD cloud container engine provides highly reliable and high-performance enterprise-class containerized application management services. It simplifies builds of automated container running environments in the cloud and helps Miaopai quickly expand capacity whenever traffic bursts occur.

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ModelArts - Faster AI Development Platform

ModelArts is a one-stop development platform for AI developers. With data preprocessing, semi-automated data labeling, distributed training, automated model building, and the intense deep learning capabilities of the platform, Miaopai is able to quickly build label models with over 23,000 dimensions for honed recommendations for the user/scenario.

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Quick Snaps Solution

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