The Huawei Vmall e-commerce platform adopted HUAWEI CLOUD from the very beginning to deliver the on-demand scaling and other supercharged attributes needed to ensure top UX.

How Vmall Benefits from HUAWEI CLOUD

  • Geo-redundant Remote DR Assurances

    Experts at HUAWEI CLOUD built a geo-redundant (two-site/three-center) architecture for Vmall. The layout includes an active-active relationship between the same-locale centers in Beijing and Langfang with full DR assurance provided by the third site in Guangzhou. The layout delivers the powerful elastic scaling capabilities to effectively support large-scale promotion activities.

  • Robust Security Protections with Intelligence-Enabled Risk Controls

    The Vmall is protected by full security awareness capabilities, including anti-DDoS, software and hardware WAF, and host + database security in addition to the long list of other offerings. Intelligent risk control is used to prevent scalpers, attacks, and verification code brute-force cracking, helping mitigate transactional risks, thwart would-be hackers, and prevent pricing manipulations.

  • Global-Ready Uniform Transaction and Processing Platform

    Vmall is reconstructed as microservices to run on the HUAWEI CLOUD PaaS platform. Together with the deployment of the iDeal Service Center, the platform builds up the needed global-ready unified business processing capabilities with streamlined supply networking and hardened security in financial transactions.

Just like the analogy with the parachutes, Huawei puts its faith in its own products by piloting new solutions in its own operations. The HUAWEI CLOUD E-Commerce solution easily ups performance and capacity in anticipation of flash sales when traffic mushrooms.

Vmall Uses the Following Products from HUAWEI CLOUD

  • Flexible resource scaling

  • Security Protection Products

  • PaaS-layer Products

Flexible resource scaling
  • Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

    Builds a reliable, flexible, secure application environment to ensure services remain online at all times while easing O&M burdens.

  • Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

    Provides highly reliable and high-performance enterprise-class containerized application management services. Up to 300 containers can be added to the profile within one-minutes time.

Security Protection Products
  • Advanced Anti-DDoS (AAD)

    Traffic is diverted to other endpoints able to absorb/scrub high volumes of suspect content to ensure the stability and reliability of the origin site.

  • Vulnerability Scan Service

    Comprehensive detection utilities identify malicious requests and accurately filter attack traffic, keeping the Vmall site protected at all times.

PaaS-layer Products
  • RDS for MySQL

    MySQL is one of the world's most popular open-source relational databases. It works with Linux, Apache, and PHP to establish a LAMP stack able to keep the full catalog of sites protected with new levels of efficiency in adoption. RDS for MySQL is reliable, scalable, easy to manage, and immediately ready for use, freeing personnel to focus on revenue-generating services.

  • ServiceStage

    ServiceStage is centered on applications and provides full-stack solutions for microservice, web, mobile, and function applications, helping enterprises accelerate service innovation.


E-commerce Solution

Provides end-to-end e-commerce solutions comprising basic and advanced cloud services, allowing enterprise to quickly roll out their own self-hosted e-commerce platforms. Resources can be called up, configured, and deployed in a matter of minutes.