Thank you Prof. Yuan Xiaoming, Chief Scientist of Huawei Cloud Algorithm Innovation Lab, for your hard work and support!

2020 was a year full of challenges and challenges, as well as a year of forge ahead and forge ahead. In 2020, thanks to Prof. Yuan's hard work and strong support, Huawei Cloud Algorithm Innovation Lab was awarded the title of Huawei's excellent TDT. This is an affirmation of the algorithm innovation lab, and also a driving force for the algorithm innovation lab to move forward. It is also a responsibility and expectation. The achievements of the algorithm innovation lab in 2020 cannot be separated from Prof. Yuan's attention and guidance. On the occasion of this award, the HUAWEI CLOUD Technology Cooperation System, on behalf of HUAWEI CLOUD and Algorithm Innovation Lab, expresses its sincere gratitude and gratitude to Prof. Yuan for his help and guidance.

Huawei Cloud Algorithm Innovation Lab was awarded the "2020 Cloud&AI IRB Timely Incentive - Excellent TDT" by Huawei Cloud Computing BG. The first place from the middle to the right is Prof. Yuan.

In the past year, the algorithm innovation lab under the guidance of Prof. Yuan looked up to the stars, focused on root innovation, and launched a challenge to multiple algorithms. In 2020, the Algorithm Innovation Lab established partnerships with six universities at home and abroad, including four overseas universities. Huawei has made promising breakthroughs in multiple battles, such as CDN, data compression, VM scheduling, and storage capacity improvement, building a moat of competitiveness. He led the cooperation with Russian universities on scheduling algorithms, and finally reached a comprehensive cooperation with the Russian Sopole number mathematics center on five topics, cooperated with East China Normal University Professor Wang on the reinforcement learning of scheduling problems, and cooperated with Shenzhen, Hong Kong, China, and actively introduced students to deeply participate in problem solving. Drive project progress. In addition, Huawei established a partnership with Professor Duda of the University of Jageron, the inventor of A NS, on the mathematics compression algorithm of Huawei's top 10 technical challenges, to greatly improve the compression ratio of the compression algorithm.

In addition, Prof. Yuan actively promoted external communication, established an industry-university-research ecosystem, led the organization of algorithm innovation lab scheduling workshops, and recommended two professors of HKU to communicate with each other. and directed scheduling research projects at the "China Industrial and Applied Mathematics-Enterprise Development Forum" and the "Annual Meeting of Shaanxi Society of Operations Research".

The male pass is really like iron, but now step over from the beginning. At a new starting point in 2021, the Algorithm Innovation Lab is about to take on a new journey. We hope that under the guidance and help of Prof. Yuan, the algorithm innovation lab can remember its mission, carry on the past and forge ahead, and move from victory to the next.

                                                                                                         HUAWEI CLOUD Technology Planning Dept

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