Use Cases

Cloud Hub

Enterprise routers come with different specifications and bandwidths and can easily handle the traffic on complicated, large-scale networks.


  • Flexible Connectivity

    You can attach all your networking resources (such as VPCs, VPN, Direct Connect, and Cloud Connect connections) to an enterprise router.

  • Lower O&M Costs

    An enterprise router controls the traffic routed among all the connected networks using route tables in a unified way, reducing O&M costs.

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Connection Switchover

An enterprise router uses BGP to learn routes, dynamically select or switch between connections.


  • High Reliability

    Multiple connections share loads and work in active/standby mode for enhanced reliability. If one connection fails, the other one can take over automatically.

  • Simplified Management

    Enterprise routers can automatically learn and update routes, eliminating the need to manually configure routes or update routes when there are network changes.

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East-West Traffic Protection

Enterprise routers divert traffic to cloud firewalls or third-party firewalls for east-west traffic scrubbing.


  • Traffic Isolation

    You can define route tables to isolate traffic.

  • Traffic Control

    You can define route tables to control how traffic is routed.

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Cross-Account Communication

An enterprise router can be shared among different accounts.


  • Convenient Access

    Network instances from different accounts can access the same enterprise router for communication.

  • Centralized Control

    The owner account of an enterprise router controls routes in a centralized manner.

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Cross-Cloud Communication

Enterprise routers allow network instances to communicate with each other even if they are from different regions and different clouds.


  • High Reliability

    Connections will switch if there is a fault.

  • Easy to Manage

    Enterprise routers can automatically update routes, eliminating the need to update routes when there are network changes.

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