VIP Services

HUAWEI CLOUD Service is dedicated to providing you with delicate and professional pre-sales and after-sales services, allowing you to purchase satisfactory cloud services with ease. Now, the VIP services are provided. With the VIP services, you can enjoy more heartwarming, convenient, and flexible support services.
  • Product Privileges

    VIPs receive product privileges including free customized private images, personalized grace period, and resource reservation period, which allow VIPs to use products flexibly, securely, and conveniently.
  • Service Privileges

    VIPs have access to quick fault response and quick fault recovery privileges. Technical support professionals help you rectify faults to minimize service interruptions.
  • Free Test Privileges

    VIPs have the priority to test new products and can test other products according to actual business under the guidance of service professionals.
Applicant standards:

If you have industrial influence, representativeness, and potential, you can apply for the VIP services. VIPs can be classified into LeyunV2 users and ZunyunV3 users based on application conditions and history consumption. VIP services are valid for six months with the option to renew.

How to Apply:

If the preceding standards apply to you, call us at 4000-955-988 ext. 3, or email us at to apply for VIP privileges. We will inform you immediately after the application is approved.

VIP Service Details

Standard Services Strategy VIP/Common User
  • 24/7 after-sales support

  • 400 hotline

  • Email service

  • Online consulting

  • Short message notification

  • Email notification

Standard Services Strategy VIP Common User
Product Privileges

Free customized private image

Personalized grace period

Personalized resource reservation period

Free 500 GB EVS backup

Service Privileges

Dedicated 400 hotline service

Dedicated QQ1V1 group support

Dedicated customer service manager

Dedicated technical service manager

Green channels for troubleshooting

Quick response

Quick fault rectification

Major event expert assurance

Security vulnerability notification service

200 100

Technical support, such as ECS system security hardening, data backup, data recovery, and data retrieval

Technical support, such as deployment and debugging of applications within ECS

Third-party software support

Inviting customers to meetings and salons

Assisting customers in publication

Typical case presentations