Service Assurance System

HUAWEI CLOUD provides you with multiple assurance services

24/7Multichannel After-Sales Support

Our professional 24/7 after-sales technical support team is available if any problem occurs when using the HUAWEI CLOUD services. To reach us: • Call our professional technical support hotline at 4000-955-988. • Obtain online customer service at • Email us at • Submit a work order.

Details about After-Sales Service Scope
  • 400 hotline

  • Online consulting

  • Email

  • Work order

5-dayFull Refund

If you are dissatisfied with any of our prepaid products after purchase, you may get a full refund within 5 days. You can apply for a refund by calling(4000-955-988)emailing us at(

Details About the 5-day Full Refund

  • Submit a refund request.
  • Review and
    confirm the request.
  • Generate a
    refund receipt.
  • Complete the refund.

Free ICP License Service

HUAWEI CLOUD services provide free ICP license services with a reward for customers of different levels. After a transaction is complete, we will allocate your reward as soon as possible. We continuously make every effort to shorten the transaction duration.

Details About Reward for the ICP License Service
  • IP address belongs.
  • Information about
    North China region.
  • ICP license
  • The archiving
  • Communications
  • A license
    is granted.

100 timesFault Compensation

We will provide 100 times compensation for the duration of the fault if your cloud services cannot be available due to HUAWEL CLOUD service platform's faults.

Way to Compensation

You can seek for a solution by calling 4000-955-988 when a problem occurs. If the problem belongs to compensation scenarios, we will provide compensation for you accordingly after solving the problem. You can also obtain compensation by emailing us at

Details About Compensation

Reminder:You can claim compensation within seven working days by emailing us at after the last "service unavailable" fault occurs. The subject of the email must contain your "HUAWEI CLOUD service account" and the time and number of "service unavailable" occurrences. We will reply you promptly.

Feedback& Complaints

HUAWEI CLOUD sets a service quality complaint channel for each user to provide convenient and comfortable services. If you have any suggestions or complaints regarding our customer service, system processing, processing efficiency etc., contact us using the methods listed below. We will respond to any feedback or complaints as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and for choosing HUAWEI CLOUD services.

VIP Services

We now provide convenient and flexible VIP services. After becoming a VIP user, you will obtain more considerate and convenient service privileges.

  • Other VIP RightsKey Event Assurance Service

24/7 After-Sales Customer Service

Services Provided

Product function consultation

Technical issue consultation

Operation-related fault diagnosis

System-issue-related fault diagnosis

Consultation and fault diagnosis for the management console

Services Not Provided

Deployment and commissioning of third-party application software

Fault diagnosis and analysis of third-party application software

Code development

Routine O&M services

As HUAWEI CLOUD services continue to grow, we are in the process of enlarging our after-sales service range, because providing comprehensive and professional after-sales services for our customers is our goal. Thanks for your understanding and support of HUAWEI CLOUD services!


Details About the Refund

  • Products Supported

    Subscription products (including hourly, monthly, and yearly packages)

  • Refund Conditions

    Within five days of purchase, you can apply for a refund

    Each customer can refund for 3 times at most with a maximum of 3 orders each time

  • Refund Value

    We will refund the full amount if you apply for refund within five days

    After the refund, the reward will be canceled. If the reward for your order cannot be recovered, it will be deducted from your refund

  • Reminder

    Ensure you have migrated any saved data from the resources that will be refunded. After the refund is complete, your cloud server will be released

On-demand products and postpaid products cannot be refunded


Details About Reward for the ICP License Service

Who Qualifies

Customers who have used Huawei Cloud host resources with monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Cloud hosts must be used for websites and it is the customers' first time recording their websites using Huawei Cloud services

A customer's accumulated recharge amount must exceed 200. Each account can only get the reward once

If a customer terminates his or her service in advance or the service expires and is not renewed, the customer is not eligible for the reward.If a transaction is not fully completed, customers cannot get the reward.If the transaction is delayed for 10 days, customers are considered to have abandoned the reward.Customers are eligible for the reward if the transaction was submitted to the Telecommunications Authority and approved.

Rewarding Method

Customer can get a reward based on the HUAWEI CLOUD account

Reward time: After a successful transaction, the reward amount will be recharged to corresponding user accounts within one week

Reward amount: Each common user's reward amount is 100. Each VIP user's reward amount is 200. The reward amount is valid for one year and cannot be withdrawn


Details About Compensation

100x Compensation Scenarios

Service exception or interruption occurs because cloud servers, cloud storage services or network services are inaccessible or unavailable for reasons of HUAWEI CLOUD

Customers' websites cannot be accessed due to faults of the HUAWEI CLOUD service platform

HUAWEI CLOUD will provide 100 times compensation for the duration of the faults

Other Compensation Scenarios

Cloud servers and cloud storage services are inaccessible or unavailable due to Huawei Cloud service platform's faults

Customers' websites cannot be accessed due to Huawei Cloud services' faults. Huawei Cloud services will provide compensation for the duration of the fault

HUAWEI CLOUD will provide compensation for delivery or charging exceptions of the above services

Fault time = Fault rectification time – Fault start time
Compensation method: bonus recharge
Compensation amount = Daily fee of failed cloud service ÷ 24 ÷ 60 x Fault time x Compensation times

No Compensation for faults caused by the following reasons

Force majeure: Natural disasters such as typhoons, floods, fires, droughts, earthquakes, snowstorms, and landslides; other reasons include war, political turmoil, power failures, government interventions, strikes, embargoes, and market crashes.

Maintenance of Huawei Cloud services, such as migration, maintenance, and upgrades. Customers are notified ahead of time of upcoming scheduled maintenance.

Packet loss and delays caused by carrier faults, and damages caused by force majeure and unexpected events

Faults in the Internet backbone caused by various reasons

Users' applications affected by attackers or virus

User access affected by network performance and device performance

Loss or disclosure of data, verification code or passwords due to improper maintenance of users

Loss caused by negligence of or operations authorized by users.

User violation of the Terms and Conditions or relevant laws or regulations

Other unforeseeable force majeure events