Anti-DDoS Traffic Cleaning

With professional anti-DDoS devices, the Anti-DDoS traffic cleaning service (Anti-DDoS) provides refined defense against DDoS attacks (such as CC, SYN flood, and UDP flood) for Internet applications. You can customize defense thresholds based on your leased bandwidth and service model, and will be promptly notified about attacks to promptly defend your website.

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Professional and Reliable

Powerful anti-DDoS devices, extensive defense experience;

zero mis-cleaning of normal TCP and UDP traffic to ensure stable and reliable services

All-Round and Accurate

A blacklist database with millions of IP addresses to guarantee accurate and effective defense;

seven-level purifying to offer all-round protection against traffic-based and application-layer attacks


Attacks responded within seconds;

near-zero cleaning-caused delay


Free of charge and instantly available upon provisioning, which saves investment;

professional defense templates and GUI-based management tool to reduce maintenance costs significantly

Working Principles

Anti-DDoS Traffic Cleaning

  • The anti-DDoS device has a powerful built-in algorithm that provides seven layers of protection. It effectively identifies various attacks, such as malformed packets, scanning and sniffing, flood, and application-layer attacks. It filters attack traffic layer by layer to provide all-round protection.

Application Scenarios

  • Enterprise Portals

  • Internet Startups

  • Network Egresses of Large Enterprises

Enterprise Portals

Typical Applications:

Portals of small- and medium-sized enterprises


  • Open to the Internet, portals are an all-time target of hacker attacks like DDoS and SQL injection. As a result, websites are paralyzed or infected with viruses and pages are tampered with. HUAWEI CLOUD has various security offerings to safeguard your website!

Recommended configuration:


Internet Startups

Typical Applications:

Websites of Internet startups such as cellphone game, browser game, and app developers and e-commerce companies


  • Anti-DDoS offers a seven-layer defense system targeted at all forms of DDoS attacks such as CC, SYN flood, and UDP flood. Anti-DDoS is suitable for security prevention of startup companies for their websites.

Recommended configuration:


Network Egresses of Large Enterprises

Typical Applications:

Egress security protection of large enterprises


  • An enterprise can deploy some service systems on HUAWEI CLOUD. In this case, it has two data centers: one in its own premises and one on HUAWEI CLOUD. Security of the two data centers is guaranteed as follows: 1. use VPN gateways to establish VPN channels for local-to-cloud service interconnection; 2. use Anti-DDoS to defend against HTTP flood, TCP flood, and UDP flood attacks.

Recommended configuration:

Anti-DDoS VPN Direct Connect

Function Description

Defend Freely

Anti-DDoS offers a variety of defense templates to address varied leased bandwidths and service models

Manage Easily

A user-friendly, easy-to-use console is provided to present real-time traffic curves.

View Globally

1. Anti-DDoS provides monitoring details about each IP address, such as defense status, defense parameters, 24-hour traffic, and 24-hour events (cleaning and black holes). 2. Anti-DDoS provides weekly security reports. Statistics of 4 weeks, such as defense traffic, number of attacks, and Top 10 attacks,

Know Clearly

Anti-DDoS receives and analyzes logs from anti-DDoS devices and presents analysis results on GUIs.