Bare Metal Server(BMS)

A Bare Metal Server (BMS) is a physical server that is dedicated for individual users. It provides excellent computing performance and stability to meet requirements of key application scenarios. With BMS, you enjoy both the stable performance provided by traditional server hosting and high scalability offered by cloud resources.

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Product Advantages


User Requirements

Hybrid Deployment and Flexible Networking

Solution: VPCs can be used to connect BMSs and external resources. You can also use BMSs together with other services, such as ECS and EVS, to achieve hybrid deployment, offering flexible networking and meeting requirements in several complex application scenarios.

User Requirements: Users require different types of computing resources, and VMs cannot meet service requirements in complex application scenarios.

High Stability and Reliability, and Optimal Performance

Solution: The BMS service provides dedicated bare metal servers. Tenants can enjoy stable performance provided by physical servers, meeting performance, stability, data security, and regulation requirements of their businesses.

User Requirements: Some special application scenarios require high host performance and reliability or have demanding data security and regulation requirements. VMs cannot meet user requirements in such scenarios.

Quick Provisioning and High Scalability

Solution: By leveraging an easy-to-use management console, you can manage BMSs by yourself. Huawei provides 24/7 customer service to meet users' requirements for quick BMS provisioning and elastic scaling.

User Requirements: The service process is complex in traditional physical server hosting or renting scenarios. It takes a long time to purchase and deploy required devices. All these make it difficult to quickly respond to ever-changing service requirements.

Application Scenarios

Security-Demanding Scenario


Financial and securities industries have compliance requirements, and some users have strict data security requirements. The BMS service ensures exclusive, dedicated resource use, data isolation, as well as operation monitoring and tracking.

High-Performance Computing Scenario


High-performance computing, such as the supercomputer center, genome sequencing, and graphics rendering, needs to process a large amount of data. Therefore, these scenarios have high computing performance, stability, and timeliness requirements. With BMSs, users do not need to worry about performance overheads caused by virtualization and the adverse impacts incurred by hyperthreading.

Core Database Scenario


Characteristics: Some key database services cannot be deployed on VMs and must be deployed on physical servers that have dedicated resources, isolated networks, and assured performance. The BMS service provides high-performance servers dedicated for individual users, meeting user requirements in this scenario.

Function Description

2016.10 29

NEW! [New Feature] Interconnection with Task Center

After the Task Center is interconnected, you can view the task processing status in the Task Status area after applying for a BMS. Learn more...

Full Lifecycle Management

You can apply for, delete, query, start, stop, and restart BMSs on a self-service management console.

Support for VPC Management.

The private network provided by the VPC service can be used to connect different BMSs or BMSs and ECSs, enabling flexible networking.

Flexible EIP Configuration

You can bind EIPs to BMSs on the management console when applying for BMSs or after the BMSs are obtained to enable the BMSs to access the Internet. You can also unbind EIPs from BMSs.