Cloud Eye (CES)

Cloud Eye provides you with a three-dimensional monitoring platform for monitoring resources, such as ECSs and the bandwidth. You can check alarms, notifications, and personalized report views in a timely manner and accurately grasp the product resource status.

This free service is enabled by default. You can flexibly configure alarm rules. Learn more



CES collects monitored metrics in real time, provides timely and effective monitoring alarms for resources, and sends notifications immediately after alarms are triggered.


CES is enabled free of charge. You can view monitoring diagrams in real-time.

Multiple Notification Methods

CES sends emails or short messages to inform you of resource usages, or sends HTTP POST to the server for which the alarm is generated, so that you can quickly grasp the service running status and build an intelligent program to handle alarms.


Application Scenarios

Web Services

Web Services

CES monitors many items, such as CPUs, disk I/O, and network traffic, to ensure the reliability of your web services.



Services invoke simple APIs to submit metrics to CES. CES supports customized monitoring metrics and statistical charts, data rollup methods, and the alarm notification function for those customized metrics .

O&M Optimization


With flexible alarm rules and various notification methods of CES, you can receive CES notifications indicating resource changes. By incorporating information into the O&M system, you can address the application usability issue and respond intelligently to resource changes.

Function Description

2017.03 24

[New Feature] Interconnection with Task Center New!

CES now supports interconnection with Workspace and LBaaS. You can view monitoring metrics on the CES console and configure alarm rules. Metric data is reported every minute.

Automatic Monitoring

Monitoring starts automatically as long as ECSs are created and running.

Monitoring starts automatically as long as ECSs are created and running.

On the Instance Monitoring page, you can view the current running status of your resources and learn the recent running status of resources through charts.

Alarm Configuration

You can set thresholds for any metric of any resource. Once a metric value reaches the preset threshold, an alarm is generated.

Flexible Notification Methods

The alarm notification by emails or short messages is set as required.

Developer Resources


You can send HTTP/HTTPS requests for calling Huawei Cloud APIs to manage your ECSs. In this way, you can flexibly, accurately, and promptly perform operations on ...

Regions and Endpoints

Introduce regions and endpoints provided by Huawei Cloud for services.