Cloud Report Service(CRS)

Cloud Report Service (CRS) is a fast and easy-to-use online data analytics service. It analyzes raw data in real time and helps you visualize your collected data on dashboards, allowing you to quickly draw business insights.

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Easy to Use

CRS automatically pulls data from data sources and generates visuals. It displays resource usage data on graphs.

Data Visualization

CRS offers a variety of visuals, including bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, and pie charts. You can select visual types to suit your data analysis requirements.

Low Cost

Compared with traditional BI solutions, CRS requires no upfront investments, no expensive infrastructure to purchase or manage, and no additional license or maintenance fees.



  • CRS uses plug-ins to pull data from third-party data sources and generates data sets based on the pulled data. Currently, CRS can only pull data from MySQL databases. More data sources will be added in the future.
  • CRS enables graphical representation of data sets. You can create worksheets based on data sets and manage the created worksheets.
  • You can select visuals on worksheets to create dashboards, and then use the dashboards to generate reports.

Application Scenarios

Service operations data analysis

Consolidate data from different platforms and display key metrics, such as traffic and information about users, promotions, and activities, on charts or graphs, enabling business growth through data.

E-commerce sales and operations data management

Learn about actual sales conditions in real time based on data and make customer information and sales performance data easy to use. CRS acts as your sales assistant and helps you improve work efficiency.

Resource O&M data in-depth analysis

Help enterprise resource administrators analyze resource usage and overall resource conditions. With CRS, you can perform in-depth data analysis and display the data on different graphs.

Function Description

Supports external data sources

Supports standard MySQL databases.Supports SSL connections.

Supports generation of various visuals for analysis

Supports multiple visual types, such as pie charts, bar charts, and line charts.

Supports graphical representation of GB-level data

Supports GB-level data analysis and quick report generation.