Cloud Server Backup Service CSBS

Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) backs up Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), and uses backups to restore ECSs in case of disk data corruption or loss, protecting user data accuracy and security.

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Product Advantages

CSBS provides the backup protection service for ECSs in public cloud environments. It enhances data security with crash-consistent backup. Backups of Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks on an ECS are generated at the same time point. However, applications and file systems on the ECS are not suspended before the backup, and memory data is not backed up.


Conventional Server Backup

Easy-to-use and Self-service

CSBS: Provides an intuitive user interface for tenants to apply for and use the service, with a self-service interface for backup and restoration.

Conventional Server Backup: Uses dedicated backup software, with expertise needed for installation and configuration.

Reliable and Efficient

CSBS: Stores data to object storage, with a data durability of 99.999999999%.

Conventional Server Backup: Stores data to local backup storage media, suffering from a low reliability.


CSBS: Leverages permanent incremental backup to save storage space. Supports on-demand space allocation and elastic space scaling to reduce initial investment.

Conventional Server Backup: Requires purchasing and configuring dedicated backup software, server, and storage devices, elevating costs.

Product Architecture

弹性IP 弹性负载均衡 容器 镜像仓库 节点 云服务器备份服务



Provides scalable cloud servers that can be obtained on demand through self service. The servers can be used to help you build reliable, secure, flexible, and efficient application environments.


Provides scalable virtual block storage based on a distributed architecture.


Provides stable, secure, efficient, easy-to-use, and low-cost cloud storage and standard RESTful APIs. This service can be used to store massive unstructured data of any types.


Allows you to create backups for disks. The backups can be used to restore data on the disks, maximizing user data security and accuracy and ensuring service security.

Application Scenarios

Hacker Attacks or Virus Infection

CSBS can restore an ECS to the latest backup point in time when the ECS has not been affected by hacker attacks and viruses.

Data Mis-deletion

CSBS can restore an ECS to the backup point in time prior to the mis-deletion.

Application Update Errors

CSBS can restore an ECS to the backup point in time prior to the application update.

ECS Breakdown

CSBS can restore an ECS to the backup point in time prior to the ECS breakdown.

Function Description

Creating ECS Backups

Backs up ECSs' service data, and supports crash-consistent backup.

Creating Auto Backup Policies

Creates backup policies and sets the backup start time, period, and number of backups. Associates ECSs with backup policies, and then automatically backs up ECSs according to the associated policies.

Rolling Back an ECS using an ECS Backup

Restores an ECS to its original status at a desirable point in time using ECS backups.

Developer Resources


You can send HTTP/HTTPS requests for calling HUAWEI CLOUD APIs to manage your ECSs. Therefore, you can flexibly, accurately, and promptly perform operations on your applications, resources, and data.

Regions and Endpoints

Introduces regions and endpoints provided by HUAWEI CLOUD for services.