Direct Connect (DC)

Direct Connect (DC) enables you to establish a dedicated, high-speed, stable, and secure network connection from your data center to HUAWEI CLOUD. With Direct Connect, you can establish private connectivity between servers at your data center and ECSs or hosts on HUAWEI CLOUD. This maximizes the cloud computing advantages, helping you build an elastic hybrid IT computing environment while using existing facilities.

1 G port, CNY 560 /month;10 G port, CNY 3720 /month; Learn more


High-performance and Low-latency Data Transmission

Direct Connect uses dedicated networks to transmit data for a better user experience, including higher transmission rate, better stability, and lower latency.

Highly Secure and Dedicated Network

You can use multiple virtual interfaces and establish dedicated connections isolated from those of other users.

Application Scenarios

Hybrid Cloud Architecture for Enterprise Data Centers

For security concerns, banks and state-owned enterprises cannot store all information on the public cloud platform. Hybrid cloud is a good choice for them to retain critical data in their local data centers and transmit other data to the cloud.

Remote Disaster Recovery

Direct Connect links backup systems in different regions so that when a disaster occurs, services can be restored quickly and reliably.

Interconnection between Services in Multiple Regions

Many companies deploy their IT systems in different regions based on customer distribution. Direct Connect enables interconnection and service synchronization between regions in a quick, efficient, and safe way.

Function Description

Flexible and Scalable Hybrid IT Architecture

Direct Connect enables you to connect local facilities to cloud resources and builds a flexible and scalable IT architecture.

Dedicated Connection and Private Network Communication

You can use various dedicated lines, such as MSTP lines, bare optical fibers, and MPLS VPN lines, to connect your IDC equipment room to your VPC on HUAWEI CLOUD for private network communication.