Distributed Cache Service

Distributed Cache Service (DCS) is a distributed key-value cache (Redis) service on HUAWEI Cloud. It is reliable, scalable, usable off the shelf, and easy to manage, and comes with comprehensive monitoring systems and multiple layers of security protection.

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Product Advantages

DCS Solution

Key Challenges

Usable off the shelf

DCS Solution: DCS completes the preparations for you. All you need to do is to buy DCS on the DCS console.

Key Challenges: A great deal of effort is required to get server resources ready or install and configure software.


DCS Solution: DCS scales your cache instance specifications dynamically as your cache load grows. So you pay only for the resources you actually consume.

Key Challenges: Scale out or up is never easy. To avoid the trouble of scale out or up, many tend to select cache specifications higher than needed.


DCS Solution: Data persistence, support for master/standby and cluster modes, and automatic failover between cache nodes ensure data reliability and service availability.

Key Challenges: Data is manually backed up and restored.


DCS Solution: Redis and operating systems are intensively hardened against security attacks before being used with DIS.

Key Challenges: We have to hire professional security engineers to perform security hardening.

Application Scenarios

Page Cache

DCS is widely used by social network sites to cache web page content such as HTML, CSS, and pictures.

Application Cache

DCS is exposed as a level-2 cache at service layer to the outside. It accelerates access to read-heavy applications by relieving the burden on databases.

Status Cache

DCS provides a reliable store for session status, application scale-out status, and other status data that are difficult to recover in the event of data loss. This is of great help to highly available clusters.

Parallel Processing

Cache service usually involves sharing vast amounts of intermediate computing results. With DCS, this can be easily done.

Event Processing

With DCS, continuous query of event streams is achieved, ensuring that events can be processed in real time.

Function Description

Native Access to Redis

DCS clients are compatible with the open source Redis. Additional efforts have been made to harden Redis.

Elastic Specifications

The memory of a single-node DCS instance ranges widely from 1 GB to 64 GB. In cluster mode, DCS instances are linearly scalable.

High Performance

DCS instances in cluster mode are scalable and can fulfill millions of concurrent read/write requests from a single user.

Easy O&M

A full set of logging, monitoring, and alarm functions are provided, including automatic alarm notification, real-time and historical monitoring of resource usage statistics (i.e. storage key values, client connections, command executions), as well as server running status (i.e. memory usage, CPU usage, and bandwidth usage).

Developer Resources


You can send HTTP/HTTPS requests for calling HUAWEI CLOUD APIs to manage your ECSs. In this way, you can flexibly, accurately, and promptly perform operations on your applications, resources, and data.

Regions and Endpoints

Introduce regions and endpoints provided by HUAWEI CLOUD for services.