Data Express Service DES

Data Express Service (DES) is a massive data transfer solution. It uses physical storage media (with USB or eSATA ports) to upload data to HUAWEI CLOUD, reducing network costs and transfer duration.

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Data Transfer Challenges and Solutions


Most projects involve data transfer and there is no guaranteed transfer time standard because it is subject to various factors. The ideal data transfer duration can be calculated using the following formula: Transfer duration (days) = Total capacity (KB)/[Bandwidth per second (Mbit/s) x 125 x Network usage x 60 x 60 x 24] If you want to upload or download 10 TB data to or from Object Storage Service (OBS) at 20 Mbit/s, the transfer duration is at least 62 days theoretically.


DES uses portable storage devices to implement easy and fast data transfer. It costs only 20% of data transfer over the high-speed Internet.

Available Bandwidth 3-Day Transfer 7-Day Transfer
20 Mbit/s <0.52TB <1.2TB
100 Mbit/s <2.6TB <6TB
1 Gbit/s <26TB <60TB

Product Advantages


Customer Requirements

Convenient and Fast

DES: Users can enjoy a 10 times higher transfer speed after posting disks.

Customer Requirements: Transferring massive data requires high network bandwidth and is time-consuming.

Efficient and Economical

DES: DES is charged by the volume of transferred data, reducing the data transfer cost to only 20% of that over a high-speed Internet.

Customer Requirements: It is costly to set up and use a high-speed Internet network.

Secure and Reliable

DES: Data is secure during transfer and upload. It is encrypted before transfer and Huawei personnel have no access to keys throughout the whole process.

Customer Requirements: Data is vulnerable to interception during transfer because data is not encrypted.

Product Process


DES interworks with OBS to transfer massive data through disks and then upload the data to the cloud.

  • Submit your order, and then download the signature file to encrypt data.
  • After Huawei receives the posted disks, enter the AKs and SKs to upload data.
  • After the data upload is complete, download the transfer report and confirm the information to complete the order.

Application Scenarios

Migration of raw big data

Application scenarios

Migrate raw data of genetic engineering, oil exploration, meteorological research, and IoT to OBS.

Reception of interchangeable data

Application scenarios

Receive data from business partners using physical storage media, or ask business partners to upload data to HUAWEI CLOUD.

Website content migration

Application scenarios

Migrate static resources, such as static website content, images, scripts, and videos, to OBS.

Offline data backup

Application scenarios

Send full or incremental backups to OBS to implement reliable and redundant off-site storage. This can be done together with the hybrid cloud backup solution.

Disaster recovery

Application scenarios

If a large volume of data needs to be prepared for disaster recovery, using DES to perform the initial synchronization is more cost effective.

Function Description

Anti-misoperation mechanism

After a user submits an order, an order ID file is automatically generated in the root directory of the device. O&M engineers connect disks to servers after receiving the disks. The system automatically checks whether the disks correspond to the user's order.

Security procedure

Huawei personnel have no access to users' keys. Users enter bucket information, AKs, SKs, and encryption keys in the console to secure data for a transfer.


Supported file systems: EXT2, EXT3, EXT4, FAT32, and EXFAT Supported disk interfaces: USB 2.0, USB 3.0, SATA, and SAS

Client-side encryption

Data to be uploaded is encrypted at the client side using a 256-bit algorithm.

Statistics report upload

Reports are generated for the customer's confirmation after the upload is complete, including the file quantity and data volume.