Data Ingestion Service

Data Ingestion Service (DIS) allows you to build custom applications to process or analyze streaming data for specific needs. DIS continuously captures and stores terabytes of data from hundreds of thousands of sources every hour. Website clickstreams, financial transactions, social media feeds, IT logs, and location-tracking events are just some of many data sources.

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Product Advantages


DIS allows for real-time data processing. It collects data ceaselessly as it is generated and responds quickly to critical information about your business and operations.


A DIS stream can seamlessly scale its data throughput from megabytes to terabytes per hour, and from thousands to millions of records per second. You can dynamically adjust the throughput of a stream based on the volume of your input data.


You can create a DIS stream within seconds. Further, it is easy to put data into a stream, and build a data processing application.


Streaming data is synchronously replicated across AZs and retained for up to 7 days. This ensures that data will not be lost even when application, machine, or facility faults occur.

Application Scenarios

Accelerated Log and Data Intake

Frustrated waiting for data to batch on servers? Not anymore! Data is put into a DIS stream immediately after it is generated by a data producer, preventing data loss in the event of faults in the data producer. An example use case would be for system and application logs to be continuously put into a stream and processed within seconds.

Real-Time Metrics and Reporting

You can retrieve system or application performance metrics from DIS streams in real time and get a performance assessment report instantly, rather than wait to receive batches of data.

Real-Time Data Analytics

You can transform data (e.g. website clickstreams) into valuable information and business intelligence by simply putting data into a DIS stream. This can be done in minutes instead of hours.

Complex Stream Processing

You can create Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs) of DIS applications and streams. This typically involves putting data from one or multiple DIS applications into another stream for downstream processing by a different DIS application.

Function Description

Stream Management

Creates, deletes, configures, or scales a DIS stream.

Data Ingestion

Provides fast, reliable, scalable, and high-throughput data ingestion.

Centralized Monitoring

Displays stream status and usage in real time, as well as stream scheduling history.

User SDK

Provides RESTful APIs and Java/Python SDK that facilitate data storage and consumption, as well as encryption and compression features.