Domain Name Service

Domain Name Service (DNS) provides highly available and scalable authoritative DNS services and domain name management services. It translates domain names into IP addresses required for network connection. By doing so, visitors' access requests are directed to the desired application resources.

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Product Advantages

High Performance

Provides newly developed resolution services, which enable tens of millions of concurrent tasks on a single node, to offer you the most efficient and stable DNS services.

Security Protection

Defends services against various DDoS attacks.

Reverse Zone

Maps your mail server IP addresses to domain names to reduce junk mails.

Private Zone

Provides unique private-network DNS services for customizing domain names in VPCs as needed, facilitating domain name registration and management for internal services, simplifying service deployment and maintenance, and enabling high service availability.


Application Scenarios

General DNS Resolution

The DNS service maps domain names to ECS, OBS, or RDS resources so that visitors can access your resources using the domain names.

Online and Offline Service Management

You create a public zone and a private zone for the same domain name, with the former maps to online services officially released and the latter maps to offline test services. By doing so, you can easily commission your services and manage service changes.

Multi-application Deployment Management

If you are running a website that has many application modules sharing some public APIs, you can map these public API addresses to a private domain name. When the API addresses are changed, you only change the records in the private zone, instead of changing them for each application module.

Function Description

Private Zone

  • Enables you to flexibly customize private network domain names in your VPCs.
  • Allows one private zone to be associated with multiple VPCs for unified management.
  • Provides internal DNS servers to quickly respond requests for accessing ECSs in a VPC as well as OBS and RDS resources, preventing DNS hijacking.

Record Management

  • Provides stable, secure, and quick resolution capabilities.
  • Supports commonly used record types, including A, AAAA, MX, CNAME, TXT, and NS.
  • Supports reverse resolution, DKIM, and wildcard resolution.

Developer Resources


You can send HTTP/HTTPS requests for calling Huawei Cloud APIs to manage your ECSs. In this way, you can flexibly, accurately, and promptly perform operations on your applications, resources, and data.

Regions and Endpoints

Introduce regions and endpoints provided by HUAWEI CLOUD for services.