Host Security Service

Host Security Service (HSS) is designed to offer overall protection for your host. It provides complete functions such as login protection, system protection, and application protection, allowing you more time to focus on your services.

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Centralized Management

Same-page detection and protection functions for simplified management.

Comprehensive Protection

HSS protection ensures defense before, during, and after your services are online.

Precise Defense

The advanced detection technologies and various detection libraries contribute to precise defense.

Lightweight Agent

HSS agent occupies fewer resources, ensuring optimized running of the host system.

Application Scenarios

  • Defense Against Brute-Force Attacks

  • System Reinforcement

  • Website Protection

Defense Against Brute-Force Attacks

Defense Against Brute-Force Attacks

By detecting abnormal login behaviors, reporting exceptions, and intercepting IP addresses that are cracked by brute-force attacks, HSS expertly prevents hackers from accessing the hosts.


  • Accurate and Fast

    Uses advanced detection technologies to quickly identify brute-force attacks.

  • Easy to Use

    If an account is cracked, it is automatically blocked without manual intervention.

System Reinforcement

System Reinforcement

Detects system problems (such as weak passwords and malicious programs) and prompts you to harden the system for security, reducing the risk of host intrusion.


  • Comprehensive Detection

    Comprehensively detects the system problems and offers troubleshooting solutions.

  • Accurate and Reliable

    Uses cutting-edge detection technologies and latest detection libraries to pinpoint any system security issues.

Website Protection

Website Protection

Detects and blocks web page tampering in real time to ensure to ensure the perfect running of your website.


  • Timely Detection

    Uses state-of-the-art detection technologies to block tampering attempts in real time.

  • Flexible Configuration

    Allows flexible configuration of the directories and file types to be protected on the GUI.

Function Description

Login Protection

Detects abnormal login behaviors, reports anomalies, and provides first-rate protection.

  • Defense Against Brute-Force Attacks

    Blocks the source IP address that performs brute-force attacks for 24 hours to ensure host security.

  • Remote Login Detection

    Detects remote login behaviors and prompts you to take proper measures.

System Protection

Checks the host system, uncovers problems, and prompts you to harden your system.

  • Password Risk Detection

    Checks the password complexity policy and provides password change suggestions to improve password security.
    Scans system accounts and prompts you to change any weak password.

  • Malicious Program Detection

    Checks running programs to identify malicious programs such as Trojans and viruses.

  • Key File Change Detection

    Monitors key system files and generates alarms when any key file is changed.

  • Port Protection

    Lists ports in the system to help you identify risky ports and unknown ports.

  • Software Vulnerability Detection

    Detects system and software vulnerabilities included in the CVE vulnerability library to help you identify risks.

Application Protection

Provides overall protection for applications in the system.

  • Web Page Anti-Tampering

    Provides all-round protection for the specified directories to prevent data tampering.