Identity and Access Management IAM

Identity and Access Management (IAM) provides a user management mechanism to enterprises. It allocates different resources and permissions to enterprise members, granting them access to HUAWEI CLOUD resources through OpenAPI.

This free service is enabled by default. free service


Enhanced Security

Only users explicitly authorized are allowed to access HUAWEI CLOUD resources.

Access Keys

Users access HUAWEI CLOUD resources with an access key through OpenAPI

Various Login Modes

Users can log in to HUAWEI CLOUD using a registered email address, mobile number, or user/domain name.

Application Scenarios

Enterprise Permission Management

IAM restricts user access based on permissions, facilitating permission management when users are transferred in or out of the organization.

OpenAPI Authentication

You only need to provide the signature information containing an access key to be authenticated.

Single Sign-On

With a single login, you can easily access various HUAWEI CLOUD services.

Function Description


Log in with a registered domain or created IAM user.

User Management

Add, delete, modify, and query users.

Permission Management

Manage user permissions by user group.

Access Key Management

Create and delete access keys.