IoT Platform

With the Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform, you can connect your IoT devices to the IoT cloud platform, enabling bidirectional communication to easily collect data and deliver commands between devices and the platform. This allows for the most efficient and visible management of devices, simple integration and analysis of data, and use of platform functions that are exposed to industries to develop innovative IoT services.

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Product Highlights

Agile and Easy-to-Use Device Integration

Serialized IoT Agents and OSGi-based Cloud Inter-Networking Gateway (CIG) enable devices to quickly access the cloud platform in different scenarios.

The IoT platform supports cable and wireless access by using more than 20 mainstream IoT protocols. It is also pre-integrated with mainstream IoT chips and modules.

Complete and Highly Efficient Device Management

Equipped with powerful functions and user-friendly GUI, the device management portal provides full management, such as device status visualization, remote configuration, remote fault identification, and firmware/software upgrade and maintenance.

Flexible and Open Applications

Over 170 APIs and functions of opening up device management, data, and rules help you quickly create network applications (NAs).

The IoT platform provides functional components and data analysis, which are oriented towards Smart Home, IoV, and public utilities that intelligentize industries.

Highly-Concurrent and Highly-Reliable Cloud Services

Hundreds of millions of connections are supported with a service reliability of 99.9%.

The IoT platform provides E2E security protection, device-level certification/authentication, low-power DTLS optimization, and complete application-level access control.

Product Architecture

Function Description


Modules that transmit messages between IoT devices and IoT platform support multiple communication protocols including TCP, UDP, MQTT, CoAP, and LWM2M. Customers can configure self-defined plug-ins that comply with the protocols on the gateway. Then, message conversion between IoT devices and the IoT platform can be implemented, and IoT devices can quickly access the IoT platform.

IoT Agent

Serialized IoT Agents (such as Agent Rich, Agent Lite, Agent Tiny, and Agent IPC) are deployed on different types of gateways and IoT devices. Multi-vendor devices can be quickly integrated with the cloud platform.

Agents pre-integrated with near-field communication protocols such as Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Wi-Fi are used to manage data links.

Device Management

Bidirectional data channels between devices and the IoT platform are used for device data reporting and remote control.

The full-lifecycle management functions, such as getting devices online, maintenance, network connections, alarms, report analysis, upgrade, and deregistration, are available.

Rule Engine

Simplified and flexible rules enable linkage and triggering of messages, notifications, and alarms between devices.

IoT Data Analysis

The IoT platform processes concurrent real-time data, stores mass data, computes data, and exposes data APIs.

Service Operation & Management Portal

Huawei provides an all inclusive IoT enterprise operation portal for tenants. The portal consists of the following modules: application management, device management, reports management, rule engine, software management, sub-account management, and service status statistics.

API Gateway

Huawei exposes over 170 types of functions, such as device management, rule engine, and data analysis, helping developers quickly create new applications.

Application Scenarios

  • Smart Home

    The Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform combines the functions of smart control on home appliances, man-machine and machine-machine communication, and online shopping. Users can set up connections to and communicate with their intelligent devices anytime anywhere. The IoT platform can quickly integrate with multi-vendor devices, link rules between devices connected to different gateways, unify family gateways, and unify apps. Smart Home is best used in home automation, household security, health, energy management, and home entertainment.

    Various access modes and common protocols
    Integration with multi-vendor devices
    Flexible device linkage based on self-defined rules
    Interworking with third-party cloud platform
  • IoV

    The Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform uploads vehicle data collected by on-board equipment to the cloud and then analyzes it. This provides users with diverse IoV service data, including vehicle status, track, driving behavior analysis, security & anti-theft data, emergency rescue, driving data analysis, and real-time vehicle monitoring and scheduling.

    It provides the big data platform, real-time flow processing, multi-dimension analysis, and mass data query functions.
    It supports typical service scenarios such as fleet management, car sharing, and new-energy vehicle management.
  • Public Utilities

    The Huawei OceanConnect IoT platform can be integrated with various devices, such as water/power/gas meters, street lights, and vehicle detectors provided by multiple public utility suppliers. It supports 2G, 3G, NB-IoT, eMTC, and FTTx access, centrally manages IoT devices, and provides data integration and analysis. Smart metering, smart street lighting, and smart parking help decrease maintenance costs and improve service intelligentization.

    Simplified integration of multi-vendor devices
    Device management based on network features, for example, highly efficient O&M for low power consumption devices on NB-IoT networks
    The big data analysis platform can identify water pipe leakage and implement secondary street light energy saving, facilitating business intelligentization.
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Partner Cases in 12 Industries

Smart lock More >

  • Since 2011, AnXunTong has been dedicated to IoT R&D and developed the first electronic lock for school apartments and the first NB-IoT electronic lock in China.
  • As a national high-tech enterprise in China, Dorlink is dedicated to providing customers with smart home surveillance systems, solutions, and services. It is a leader in the home surveillance field in China.

Smoke detector More >

  • HEIMAN CO., LIMITED is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in R&D, manufacturing, and distribution of smart home products, security electronic products, and firefighting electronic products.
  • Shanghai Hothink Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier dedicated to providing smart city public security solutions.

Smart agriculture More >

  • Founded on November 16, 2009, Yinchuan Aotoso Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a national Internet high-tech enterprise that integrates software and hardware development.

Smart logistics More >

  • With a global network in over 220 countries and territories across the globe, DHL is the most international company in the world and can offer solutions for an almost infinite number of logistics needs.
  • Shenzhen YiLiu Technology Co., Ltd. is a platform-based enterprise that provides transparent logistics SaaS services with software and hardware and devotes to build the largest transportation industry chain in China.

Smart white goods More >

  • Haier Group, founded in 1984, is a world leading home appliance brand. Currently, Haier Group has been transformed from a traditional appliance manufacturer into an open entrepreneurship platform.
  • Midea Group is a leading enterprise group that provides consumer electronics, heating and ventilation air conditioners, robots, and industrial automation systems.

Internet shared bicycle More >

  • Mobike Technology Co., Ltd was established in January 2015. Its self-developed patent smart lock integrates the GPS and communication modules, and uses the next-generation IoT technology to create the world's first smart bicycle-sharing mode.

Smart gas metering More >

  • Founded in 1997, GoldCard High-tech Co., Ltd. is a service provider dedicated to smart public utilities and continuously innovates based on customer requirements. It has become one of the leading enterprises in the smart gas industry after 20 years of excellent development.
  • Since its inception in 1991, Hangzhou Innover Technology Co., Ltd. (“Innover” for short) has been always committed to providing the urban gas industry with products based on the “Urban Gas Smart Metering and Network Charging System” which integrates hardware devices, software platforms and application solutions.

Smart water metering More >

  • Ningbo Water Meter Co., Ltd. (NWM) was founded in 1958. Starting from production of mechanical water meters, NWM gradually involved in the flow meter, heating metering, pipe network measurement, and control and other fields. Now, NWM is a world-leading supplier of water metering and solutions.
  • Huizhong Instrument Co., Ltd. is an R&D and production base of ultrasonic heat meters, ultrasonic water meters, and ultrasonic flow meters and systems in China. It is a high-tech software enterprise in Hebei province.
  • Founded in 1971, Sanchuan Wisdom Technology Co., Ltd. is a first-class water metering service provider and a well-known water investment and operator in China.
  • Founded in 2000, Zhejiang Heda Technology Co., Ltd. is the most professional and excellent wireless monitoring engineering service provider in China.

Smart street lighting More >

  • Founded in October 2004, AOD Co., Ltd. is one of the first companies that invested in the LED lighting technology in China. It is one of the companies that really master the complete industrial chain from LED extended growth, chip manufacturing, and LED encapsulation to lamp manufacturing.
  • Telchina Smart Industry Group Co., Ltd. is an operator of the Smart City solution, covering consulting and planning, integration service, and investment operation. It is a leading city infrastructure smart solution and product provider in China.
  • Philips is one of the world's largest lighting companies. It has a history of 127 years and carries out services in over 60 countries. Philips is also one of the world's leading enterprises.

Smart electricity metering More >

  • Holley Technology Co., Ltd is a smart energy and grid solution provider dedicated to R&D.
  • Tatung Company is one of the first batch of enterprises listed in Taiwan. Headquartered in Taipei, it is a global comprehensive factory.
  • Founded in 2000, Wasion Group Holdings limited is a leading energy metering device, system, and service provider in China.

Smart parking More >

  • Fangle Technology Co., LTD is specialized in R&D, production, and sales of intelligent transportation devices and their management systems and industry application software.
  • Zhejiang InnoTek Co., Ltd. is a high-tech innovation and business development enterprise and the Company is a key project introduced by the Organization Department of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the Future Sci-Tech Park.

Smart tracking More >

  • Founded in 2008, Oviphone is a member of GTI and CMCC 5G Innovation Center. Oviphone has been devoted to designing and manufacturing of wearable devices and trackers for more than five years.
The following manufacturers provide communication modules for the NB-IoT industry