Simple and Efficient

Supports the centralized management of logs from a variety of networks, environments, and devices. It makes collecting and uploading logs simple and efficient.

Real-time Querying

Lets you analyze logs without using SQL statements, thanks to its flexible real-time query functions, such as second-level querying and full-text search.

Secure and Reliable

Uses permission controls and security hardening technologies such as HTTPS to ensure data reliability, and its log transfer function provides log security.


Frees you from investing in development and O&M. Your logs are transferred to OBS for long-term storage, which is billed on demand.

Application Scenarios

  • Log Collection

  • Log Querying

  • Log Storage

Log Collection

Real-time log collection

Intended for enterprise-class users, especially those who have large numbers of scattered logs, simplifying centralized log management.


  • Simple and convenient

    Logs are collected in one central location, making it easier to view them.

  • Efficient

    Logs can be uploaded automatically to any given directory.

  • High Reliability

    Data reliability is ensured through permission controls and security hardening.

Recommended for Use With


Log Querying

Real-time log querying

Operations and enterprise management personnel can query logs in real time. They can improve their operational efficiency by tracking errors in user, system, and service log data.


  • Easy to Use

    Allows users to query logs without using SQL statements.

  • Fast response

    Hundreds of millions of data records can be queried in seconds.

  • Powerful search features

    Supports time- or keyword-based full-text search.

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Log Storage

Unified log storage

LTS interconnects seamlessly with Object Storage Service (OBS), allowing you to transfer logs and prevent data loss with just a few clicks.


  • Secure and reliable

    Prevents data loss.

  • Cost-effective

    Supports pay-as-you-go.

  • Mass storage

    No limit to the number of logs you can store in OBS buckets.

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Function Description

log file collection

LTS supports many log collection methods. You can upload text-based log files to the LTS console for central management.

Log querying

You can query logs by time or keyword.

Longterm log storage

You can transfer logs to OBS buckets for long-term storage, improving data reliability and security.

Log monitoring

You can monitor basic log information (in planning).