Security Assessment Service

SAS is a manual "expert" service provided jointly by Huawei and an information security authority to help you uncover security risks in your systems. SAS offers risk removal suggestions and tailors security solutions to your websites

CNY 18,000 /website,best bargain in the industry.


No vulnerability and customer information is disclosed. The security authority is also bound by a non-disclosure agreement


The security authority conducts clear security checks. Huawei experts review check reports


Customized check items cover 10+ security risks. Professional solutions are provided for discovered risks


One-stop "expert service", with one-click order placement and end-to-end tracing

Application Scenarios

  • Pre-rollout Check

  • Post-Event Hardening

  • Security Solution Tailoring

Pre-rollout Check

Pre-rollout Check

New sites are vulnerable to attacks and risks such as web page tampering, data leakage, and service suspension


  • Early Warning

    Spotting problems early

  • Timely Fixing

    Providing suggestions for risks

  • Reinforcement

    Offering overall protection suggestions

Combined use



Post-Event Hardening

Post-Event Hardening

Conventionally, enterprises respond to security emergencies simply by OS reinstallation. They are still frequently attacked afterwards because vulnerabilities remain on other servers


  • Emergency Handling

    Checking affected hosts first

  • Risk Elimination

    Giving suggestions for removing risks

  • Thorough Checks

    Uncovering all risks in related hosts

Recommended combinations



Security Solution Tailoring

Security Solution Tailoring

Systems are repeatedly intruded due to various vulnerabilities. While security services are abundant, they are also expensive, meaning ROI cannot be ensured


  • Tailoring

    Tailoring security solutions based on check reports

  • Professional Protection

    A change from Responding to Preventing

  • Cost-saving

    Saving budget for the most important protection

Recommended combinations



Function Description

Security Consulting

One-on-one consulting with Huawei security experts, who give clear testing suggestions

Security Checks

10+ items checked, e.g. common port scanning, open service identification, SQL injection, XSS, and weak passwords

Report Review

Review of check reports by Huawei experts to push the security authority to improve service quality and user experience

Fixing Suggestions

Fixing suggestions given alongside accurate vulnerability information; tailoring of overall security solutions